Ferry Meadows

Just a two night stop on the Caravan and Motorhome Site, mainly to visit friends.

Pulling onto a pitch, not too far from the service point and not too far from the loos. Whilst being out on this trip we are doing what we’ve observed folk doing all season. Wanting to be near either the loos or the service points. We can’t decide which we’d prefer to be near the most so, we plonk ourselves slap bang in the middle of both.

Boots and big coats on and we head out of site for a walk. The Boss has already Googled the timetable of the Nene Valley railway that runs along the edge of the site, there’s a train due, “Come on! Walk faster!” He yells back as his longer legs stride off. My little legs go ten to the dozen trying to keep up. The world and his wife seem to have beaten us to the vantage point that he wanted for that perfect photo. He crosses the road and stands glaring at the masses whilst pressing the shutter as the Santa Special slowly chugs past.

The path at the side of the railway line leads us into Ferry Meadows, Nene Park. Walking along the trail, heading towards the lakes, we chat. Surprised by the amount of people still out and about, dog walking, cycling and running. The light is starting to fade and the temperature is starting to drop. As a child I used to walk for miles with my Grandad and the dog. I enjoyed soaking up information about nature that he shared as we walked. “Always look around you as you walk, you’ll always see things other people miss.” He used to say. Today I spot a heron, hidden at the side of the water, facing the bank, looking down, perfectly still. We stand, just looking at this beautiful bird, stood quite close to us. Quick as a flash it’s head drops and snaps back up again. In it’s mouth, dinner. Little legs flaying, either side of the bird’s beak. A little mouse or water vole has been the unfortunate item on tonight’s menu. Turning slowly towards the water, the heron drops its head towards the water, swiftly drowns the poor little mite and swallows. Not one to care about the full belly of the heron, I’m traumatised by watching a poor little mouse become dinner. (If you can zoom in, the picture below is ‘post’ drowning and ‘pre’ swallowing).

As the sun starts to set we are given some fab photo opportunities across the water. We do start to quicken our walk though, just to make sure we get back to the van with a little bit of daylight.

Sunday morning and we are woken early, whimpering and squealing very close to the caravan. Sleep wiped out of our eyes, blinds flung up, the world is still dark but the bollard and nearby churchlight give us enough light to see two foxes, mooching around on the grass finger near our wastemaster. Something bangs against the side of the aquaroll, we just can’t quite see what’s going on. I’d like to think that fornicating foxes had woken me from my slumber. The realty probably was they were breakfasting on one of the many rabbits that live on the Ferry Meadows Site. I feel like I’ve had a couple of days away in the shoes of David Attenborough.

We’re here at Ferry Meadows to visit friends. Folk we met in Turkey, years ago in a life before caravans. Breakfast, dinner, Prosecco and plenty of chat. Wondering about where the years have gone as their little grandchildren that we cuddled and rocked to sleep, many moons ago are now all grown up with teenage attitude that shows they aren’t interested in a couple of old folk telling them how cute they used to be.

The following morning and a bit of a breeze is whipping the leaves up on site. The Boss checks his weather app, yup it’s windy. Tomorrow is going to be windier. He’s emptying the wastemaster and winding the electric cable up. We’re moving on a day early. He doesn’t fancy the look of tomorrow’s forecasted wind gusts.

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  1. Love Ferry Meadows – we were there in the Summer. Great cycling round the Country Park, plus you can ride all the way along the side of the railway line in to the centre of Peterborough. The kids like the way that you can walk across the line on the level crossings. We even did all our shopping at the Asda and filled the bike panniers. Did not use the car the whole time we stayed here! Lovely picture of Bulleid ‘Battle of Britain’ class pacific locomotive Nº34081 92 SQUADRON by the way – I have a similar picture taken when we were there. Enjoy……

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