Time to Tour – Winter 2019

Bit of a mixed ride since we left Longleat and came back to good old bricks and mortar. I love being home with the Jellybeans but I do miss ‘my space.’ I miss the fresh air, I find the house feels huge and full of ‘stuff.’ At the moment, mainly caravan stuff. With living in our caravan for the season, whilst we work, we have bits and pieces that we wouldn’t ordinarily have if we used the caravan purely as a leisure vehicle, hot plates, an electric oven, mountains of uniform and a maiden to name but a few things. Ten points to those that know what a maiden is!

All this paraphernalia is now secreted away in corners of the house, cluttering every room that we have. If you aren’t looking where you’re walking you could very easily stub your toe on an extra hoover or a gnome that’s been living at the bottom of my caravan step. Even living in the ‘van you collect clutter.

Anyway, with our winter holiday thundering towards us at a greater speed of knots than I care to think about, it was time to organise a service on the ‘van. That meant getting stuff out of the van that normally never comes out. Carpets, on a very wet and mucky day the last thing I want is Brian, my caravan man, stomping his dirty big boots on my carpets. Having to find, aqua rolls and handles, water pumps and waste masters. They’ve not been used for 12 months so they’re going to need a blooming good clean. Now, where on earth did we put the Puriclean? The service goes smoothly and now to get back into the van to give it a good scrub and pack it ready for going on it’s hollibobs in a few days.

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