You want to caravan abroad, but …

The UK has many outstanding areas and attractions which could easily occupy your touring aspirations for a lifetime, but for some, the need to broaden the experience or improve the chances of warmer weather, perhaps for the only holiday of the year, will see them eyeing up the option of taking the caravan across the... Continue Reading →

Panda Sunglasses

Scrolling through Twitter last summer and Panda Sunglasses start following me. Being a bit nosey I like to check all my new followers out. Their hashtags caught my eye #ethical #sustainability and #hancrafted. Their tag line says that every pair sold provides the gift of vision to someone in need. I was interested and hit... Continue Reading →

Massif Central, Troglodytes and Templar Knights

Legs down on another site. This time we chose a site run by a lovely Dutch couple, on the side of another mountain. This holiday is starting to repeat itself. Just in case I haven't mentioned before, The Boss has a love of mountains, bridges, waterfalls, old cemeteries, castles and war graves. On route he... Continue Reading →

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