Bailey Leisure Accessories Store, Accessories for All

If you assumed that Bailey Parts Ltd,, was simply an online extension of Bailey Caravans then think again. The full name Bailey Parts and Leisure Accessories may give more of a clue there is something here for all Caravan, Motorhome or Camping types.  A full and comprehensive range of leisure accessories, from manufacturers such as;... Continue Reading →

Two Tour Tuscany

The final eight mile approach to our next caravan campsite site is why we chose it, we are winding and zig-zagging our way up a big big hill with dozens of full-kit cyclists, they are panting with exhaustion we are holding our breaths in anticipation of each corner. The views are amazing both North and... Continue Reading →

Wine holder

A great gizmo for a lovely day whilst camping or in the garden. Made out of stainless steel and made in the UK ,we've used this in a variety of ways. A wine holder that's not just for wine.  A double wine glass holder and cooler is perfect for lazy summer days and BBQ's. Over... Continue Reading →

Austria in the Caravan 

"Yeeeaaaaaahhhh, your brakes are on fire" was playing in my head, to a certain 'Kings of Leon' tune, as we descended the Mittenwald/Scharnitz pass towards Innsbruck. We have literally only travelled 43 miles from Garmisch to our new site Natterer See, near Innsbruck. Until the song started playing in my head it was a very... Continue Reading →

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