Bit of a one off blog here after a fab day out in and around Hawes whilst staying at the Caravan and Motorhome Club Site.The title, a play on words. Those that know me know that I have many ‘Debraisms,’ words where I may swap letters around, or simply say them wrong. Faterwalls, Par Cark, Impissibolity, Twonka and so the list goes on. Faterwalls if you haven’t sussed it simply translates into Waterfalls. You’ll get used to me one day…

After pulling my ‘big coat’ out of hibernation, not often I wear my big coat since moving south, but it’s parky up here in Yorkshire so I’m going to wrap up warm. First stop was heading up in the car on this cold and frosty morning up towards Buttertubs Pass. Hard to believe as the car chugs up the steep inclines that we powered up here back in 2014, ahead of the Tour de France on our tandem. My little legs actually got us up here to appreciate the magnificent views from the top. Think I’ve piled on a few pounds since then, not sure I’d squeeze my lardy body into my Lycra now.

Onwards and upwards, no point looking back at the skinny me, we head towards Aysgarth. Jellybean #1 stayed in a cottage right on the falls during the summer and highly recommended we visit the Mill Race tea room for lunch. With strict instructions on what to order and an empty belly we entered into warm, tearoom loveliness where calories were calling.

Afternoon tea for two ordered with the friendliest Yorkshire lass who keenly gives directions and shares her knowledge of how best to walk off our lunch and admire the waterfalls. Steaming tea and a platter of amazing toasties, scones and cakes lands on the table and we tuck in. Deliberating whether it’s jam or cream first, I always go Cornish, jam first. Even though I’d starved myself in advance, my eyes were bigger than my belly and as is getting quite common these days, I asked for a box so I could take home the leftovers for later.

Deemed a wimp by Jellybean #1 for not finishing it all we head out into the cold, following the paths pointed out by our local guide, the tearoom lady, clutching boxed cakes and camera, boots get muddy and the path is still icy and slippy in places. Knowing my inability to stay on my feet in treacherous conditions, or any conditions come to that, The Boss takes charge of the cakes. Just so that if I end up on my arse, his supper won’t be smush. All the rain we’ve had recently and the falls don’t disappoint, the water thunders across the rocks as ducks seem to sit effortlessly in quieter waters, probably paddling like billy-oh beneath the surface.

Aysgarth Falls is stretched over three sections, Higher, Middle and Lower Falls. It is only a twenty minute walk from top to bottom and all can be seen from the viewing points, although, he did a bit of clambering to get the picture below. I was only worried about the car and caravan keys though.

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