our caravan adventures

Fit2Go Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

You know the feeling you get just after fitting a smoke or carbon monoxide detector, when you feel you are super sensible and have protected all you hold dear. I am the sort of person that checks car tyres by looking... Continue Reading →

Easy like Sunday mornings

Waking up naturally and stretching your arms and legs. Savouring the warmth of the duvet and realising as you slowly blink away the sleep that if you wanted to you could actually stay in bed all day. Sunday mornings are... Continue Reading →

Bournville to Birmingham Canal Walk

Staying at Chapel Lane Caravan Club site we decide on a trip out. We are away with friends, they head off to Cadbury World with their kids. Being a bit tight and not having any kids with us we decide... Continue Reading →


I looked forward to wrapping up in fluffy jumpers and hot chocolate in front of the fire. Kicking at the leaves and praying for snow. I've had enough now. Dark mornings and even darker in the late afternoons. Grey and... Continue Reading →

Happy to be the age we are

If you could go back to any age in your life what would you choose? The ‘other half’ has just asked. We thrive on this type of nonsense question as it tends to open up an interesting dialogue. I think... Continue Reading →

Bar Keepers Friend Stain Remover -Review

I have a stained (!!) stainless steel sink in the caravan, almost like a tea stain but impossible to remove with just a scourer. I also felt that my vain attempts in the past with a scourer were actually scratching... Continue Reading →

Earth Conscious Natural Deodorant 

Quite excited when this little tin landed on my doormat. I'd chosen lavender, my choice out of 6 different scents, with the others being citrus, mint, pure, tropical and spice. The lavender is a very subtle fragrance not over powering... Continue Reading →

Why we bought a Caravan

We have endure enjoyed 33 years of holidays together since we first met, so how did we end up with a caravan. We both left school in 1983 aged 16 and started work at McDonalds, Bolton (UK), back in the... Continue Reading →

Brighton – Our ten day trip to Sussex

After working all over Christmas and New Year, including Christmas Day and New Year's Day, we are ready for a break. Destination Brighton Caravan Club site. Only a couple of hours from home and relatively straightforward to get to. Halfway... Continue Reading →

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