The Wobble

The following article had to be written, but did not need to be published. With the exception of a few updates it had remained unpublished for three years. It may be... no.... probably is, self indulgent, but this is ‘The Wobble’ occasionally referenced in our blogs and it has defined our lives ever since. There's... Continue Reading →

Looking Back at 2017

Looking back over 2017 and it's amazing how much we've packed into the year. Starting the year with ten days in Brighton. Brighton, a town I've always loved and we were blessed with crisp and clear weather. We got to meet up with fellow bloggers, Richard and Trevor, from (Get Your) Legs Down, went out... Continue Reading →

Caravan or CamperVan

We would probably score a lowly '10' on a 0 - 100 cool scale. There are certain barriers to coolness;  age, wealth, comfort and attitude amongst a multiple of other obscure and meaningless measures. If you rock up on a beachy outcrop in a 1960's CamperVan full of surfboards and cook on an open fire... Continue Reading →


What will the summer of 2019 bring? Cracking the flags wall to wall sunshine, or gloomy grey days with wind and rain.  Harping back to the 70s, summers seemed long with endless days. Warmth from early morning to bedtime. Playing out till we either got hungry or night time started to fall. Those endless summer... Continue Reading →

The Life of a Bailey Pursuit

I sit quietly at the storage yard amongst a multitude of other 'Memory Boxes.' Most used regularly, loved and polished. Other boxes sit amongst us lonely and unloved, desperate for care and attention. My fridge is switched on and filled, blinds opened. Steadies wound up, The Volvo reverses slowly, the hitch lowers and clicks into... Continue Reading →


I looked forward to wrapping up in fluffy jumpers and hot chocolate in front of the fire. Kicking at the leaves and praying for snow. I've had enough now. Dark mornings and even darker in the late afternoons. Grey and dismal days. Trying to dodge the showers and listening to the wind. It's dark when... Continue Reading →

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