Towing in France

Thought we would share some thoughts on our trip to France in the summer of 2015.  If anyone out there has wondered or feared what it is like to tow outside our shores, then maybe this will give some food for thought.  To date, this is our only trip abroad with the caravan but we... Continue Reading →

Wessex Cleaning Products Review

We recently reviewed Blue Bio Toilet fluid from the Wessex Cleaning Product range. In the packaging three sample products were included. Here's what we thought of them. Odour Eliminator  We originally intended Odour Eliminator for using in the caravan but got the chance to use it at home first. One cat with a poorly tummy using... Continue Reading →

20p for a Wee!!

Rain, rain go away, come again another day! A Twitter friend suggested we 'cross the border' a mile away back into England for nicer weather. Very tongue in cheek but worth a try. We needed a few supplies, the bottled variety, so off we went. Ludlow, in Shropshire, destination of the day. Over the border back... Continue Reading →

Colapz 3 in 1 Watering Can, Bucket and Liquid Carrier

An absolutely amazing invention. Perfect for caravans and camping. This vibrantly coloured product by Colapz folds away very compactly storing all it's accessories in it's base making it easy to transport and store away. It twists flat and stays flat until it's needed, popping back to full size in a flash. It comes with a multitude of... Continue Reading →

Blue Bio Toilet Fluid

This toilet fluid for caravans and other leisure vehicles is very blue but definitely eco-green. Blue Bio may have got the answer to one bottle does all and correct dosing. We loved the fact that one bottle does everything. No need for pink for the flush and blue for the waste. Saving on cost and on having... Continue Reading →

Eggsterminator Review

Found these little beauties. I suspect they are about to revolutionise my washing up and cleaning habits. Eco-Egg Eggsterminator Sponges are my latest find. I hate washing up and have a dishwasher at home but in the caravan it's a necessary task, unless of course you can eat out all the time. This sponge/scourer is multi functional.... Continue Reading →

Justin Wales

We recently shared a map of our caravan trips from the last two years. A number of people immediately noticed we had not been to Wales, was there a reason for this? Apart from the obvious 'damp isn't good for a caravan' (only joking, surely it can't be that wet in Wales) the only reason... Continue Reading →


Have you ever woken from your caravan slumbers with a bad back? "Oh Yes" I hear you all responding.  No doubt my ageing bones have some say in this, but my bed at home doesn't quite leave me with that 'just run over by a bus' feeling that I get from the caravan bed. Depending... Continue Reading →

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