Malvern Hills, Rain, Rain, Go Away

I’ve hoovered, I’ve dusted. I’ve emptied the cupboards and changed the bedding. I cleaned and stocked the fridge and given the bathroom a wipe over. I found the remote for the motor mover and remembered to shove the cadac in the boot. One more sleep and one more shift.

Work flew by in a haze of sanitiser and bin bags followed closely by a stream of arrivals close to lunchtime. All checked in , trying to slurp my tea in between handing out maps and barrier fobs. The clock ticks on and suddenly as quickly as it started our shift is finished. It’s strange how once I’m in the flow of a day I don’t want to finish work. Maybe it’s the age old psychological twist, whereby when I know I can’t go home I want to and vice versa.

Tractor shifted so we can get the caravan out. I’m backwards and forwards as I remember bits and pieces I’m going to need. I’ve never felt so organised yet unorganised all in the same breath. One last thing before we check the lights and attach the mirrors, I’m still wearing my uniform, quick change. Ever optimistic, fit flops, shorts and t-shirt. Lights checked, mirrors on, grey skies looming, typical, just as we hit the road.

Not heading far, just less than an hour down the road to the site at Malvern Hills. Bit of a busman’s holiday for us. Dry and bright as we check in and head onto site. Age old debate going on between us, grass or hard stand? With the amount of rain we’ve had and more to come, I win and we pick a hard stand, one of the very few left. Turns out there was a reason it was probably empty, perfect short cut through to the toilet block. The clouds hastily retreat towards the hills giving us time to explore. I love how the sunshine makes everything look better.

Not having ridden for a while The Boss decides to take the bike out in this hilly part of the world. I decide to sit tight, curl up with my iPad and catch up on social media. It wasn’t to be, it seems this pitch is also a black hole for 4G and site WiFi, no Internet! Deciding that an Internet detox will do me good, I settle down with my book as the sky starts to darken.

The grey clouds decide to drop their contents just as The Boss returns. Tea time. I’ve a fridge full of barbecue food and the cadac stowed in the boot of the car. Assessing the clouds and the weather for the next couple of days we decide that and weather forecast can’t be trusted and chuck the lot in the halogen. Turned out good in the end, tasted just as I wanted it to and less washing up. Just as well really as I’d forgotten to pack my frylite spray.

The skies have cleared and fingers of God fall from the sky making the site look quite magical. We pull on a jumper and go exploring. Quick check of my phone and it seems we really did choose a black hole to pitch up in, Internet and phone signal seem ok nearer to the buildings. Two big toilet blocks still adhering to Covid19 protocol, masks to be worn, showers closed and bands on hooks. Not a problem for us, we like to fall out of bed into our caravan shower, saves getting dressed and traipsing over there to realise you’ve forgotten your knickers and shower gel.

Settling down for the night we are treated to a beautiful sunset over the tree line.

Good job we had a sunset to look at as it was at this point I realised I’d forgotten to pack pillows and my white bra for my white t-shirt. So, this trip away I’ve no internet or phone signal, I forgotten to pack my frylite spray, pillows and my white bra and the heavens keep chucking biblical amounts of water from the skies. It’s good to be away, we just need to get back in the swing of things.

N.B. At the point of writing, due to government guidelines, showers were closed.

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4 thoughts on “Malvern Hills, Rain, Rain, Go Away

  1. Ha ha you really were unorganised! 🤣. Love reading your blog and seeing your pics. Gives me my caravan fix now that I have sold mine. Thank you.
    Have a great time. XX

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      1. Afraid so. My ex-wife did not want it under the carport anymore even though I used it for the kids holidays. Got a tent now but won’t be able to stay at your site 😟 hope you are both well. XX

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