One More Sleep…

Back to work in anticipation of opening on the 12th and we’ve been busy little bees. With sites having been closed since Christmas there’s been a lot to do.

The pitch markers are scrubbed and back in place. The bollards are washed and ready for electric leads. We’ve filled the bird feeders more than once as the squirrels keep knocking them off. The grass is cut, the hedges have had a trim, should’ve done my hair at the same time, it’s desperate for some TLC.

We’ve shovelled a truck load of stone, back breakingly, onto some pitches, followed by a welcome bath full of bubbles to soothe our aching bones.

We’ve repaired and painted fences whilst listening to hits from the seventies, singing our heads off. Road markings have been given a spruce up, chuckling away to myself as I listened to my favourite podcast, grateful that I had the site to myself as the language in one of them was a bit choice.

We’ve polished, we’ve scrubbed, we’ve painted, we’ve tidied. We’ve cut, we’ve strimmed, we’ve swept, we’ve mopped, we’ve dusted and scrubbed. Our feet and hands are sore and our backs are even sorer, if that’s even a word. But, by gum it’s looking good and ready out there.

The wildlife on site has no idea what’s about to happen to their quiet little tranquil world. Loads of white boxes appearing on Monday is going to make our baby rabbits wonder what on earth has hit them. Will our pair of buzzards still sit sedately together in the trees, quietly contemplating what to have for lunch, when people return… Where will the muntjac deer go for a mooch as the sun starts to set… our pheasants, green woodpeckers, mummy duck with her incubation of babies, the stoat, the foxes and the badgers are all going to go scurrying for the hedgerows. Time to give the site back to the people little animals, you’ve had it for a long time this last year.

Away from work, lots to do. Washing and drying, vacuuming and dusting. Trying to get ready for long working days ahead. New routines to forge. The anxious anticipation of childhood Sunday’s has returned. The bath, clean vest and bed, feeling knowing that in the morning it was back to school. I have that feeling now.

Lockdown one was good for me, I felt we were lucky. Lucky to be able to spend time safely behind locked gates in all the sunshine and fresh air we could have wished for. I didn’t miss people, interaction and all the social gubbins involved in our every day lives. The latest lockdown hit me harder. Dark, wet, cold days. Site doesn’t seem as appealing to mooch around on your own in the rain. I’ve missed people, I’ve missed chatting, I’ve missed cheery ‘Good Mornings’ as I pass folk. I’ve missed smiling. God I’m looking forward to seeing people. Heaven help anyone who comes within half a mile of me in the next few days, I’m going to talk their ear holes off.

As the sun sets for one final time on our lockdown garden, I’ll enjoy the night time animal sounds for one last time before they head off to find new stomping grounds.

Wherever, whenever, you’re going out for the first time, enjoy and stay safe.

5 thoughts on “One More Sleep…

  1. We remember those days well, although cannot say that we miss them and are looking forward to being on sites on our upcoming tour of Wales, but on the ‘other’ side of the counter from now on 👍 Enjoy the rest of the Season and here’s wishing you a good Summer.

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  2. Succinctly put, you have a perfect way of describing life in your world, loved the almost personal descriptive thoughts of the animals and birds. Sure you will get back into the swing of things soon ‘like riding a bike’ talking of which pas our best on to Skinny Steve and we hope to be able to get down and see you both and maybe share a glass or two of grape juice!! Take care and have a great summer, Mike and Jan xx

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