Out and About in the Malvern Hills

Felt strange waking naturally on our first morning to peace and quiet. No noise, just birdsong. Falling out of bed into our own shower rather than bumbling along to the toilet block, I think this might be the way to go for us.

Curls scrunched and air dried, butties and a generous chunk of pork pie wrapped and stuffed in a rucksack and off we set. Our destination British Camp car park, part way up a blooming big hill. My little legs don’t do hills so it was probably best I’d not been told where we were heading as I slapped slices of beef and slithers of onion on barms. To say the climb from the car park was steep was an understatement, no easing me in, straight into the climb. Once again black clouds loom overhead, threatening to drown us at the worst possible moment. The views from the top were to die for. Quick 360° gander round taking in the vista before heading back down as the rain drops start to land.

Legs burning and back to the car just as the heavens opened. Car pointed in the direction of Great Malvern. Part of The Boss’ ride yesterday, he just happens to throw into conversation that there are bluebells down here. Bluebells! We threw the car into a lay-by and instantly could smell my childhood. My grandad loved bluebells, back in Bolton we had a favourite place that we liked him to take us to, Bluebell Forest. I thought the display there had been amazing, this was just out of this world. Bluebells as far as the eye could see. Lots of people stopping to enjoy the carpet of blue. The smell was divine with bees buzzing around the damp flowers.

To the side of the lay-by a sign stated short stay parking for water collection. We’d fallen upon one of Malvern’s 130 wells and spouts. Water, famous for containing ‘nothing at all’ and was once thought to have contained healing properties. Florrie Nightingale dismissed this theory and said it actually might have had something to do with the beautiful surroundings, fresh air and rest. A quick slurp out of my hand, it tasted like… water.

Back in the car towards Great Malvern. A mooch around the centre. Town centres don’t really do it for me but this one had another well and the beautifully landscaped Rose Bank Gardens. Great for a potter in a bustling centre.

The views across the town were pretty amazing too. The patch of blue sky was deceiving, just as we got in the car another load of wet stuff fell from the sky.

Back to the caravan to sit listening to the thundering of the rain on the roof. Finally relaxed, the caravan has dropped it’s magic, blood pressure lowering dust from the door. Curled up in the warm with my book, trying to listen to the radio over the thundering raindrops. Early to bed, sleep to catch up on and my comfy caravan bed to crawl into.

Rise and shine the following morning to the promise of a ploughman’s lunch at Clive’s Fruit Farm not too far away. Down a muddy, single track lane this place comes with good reviews. Here comes the rain again. Due to government guidelines since the world tipped upside down, we are dining alfresco. Clive’s Fruit Farm have it all under control though with a huge gazebo sheltering us from the elements. Is it really May? It feels more like October. Boasting excellent reviews and a few farmyard animals mooching around we are entertained whilst we wait for our food. Steaming hot tea and a delicious ploughman’s sets us up for the afternoon. The chutney was delicious, so on our way out we popped into the farm shop to buy a jar.

Next, onto Upton upon Severn, a quaint old town with lots of old shop frontages and buildings. Once again we got caught in a downpour, sheltering under an old tree you wouldn’t believe this photo was taken on the back of a biblical soaking.

Out comes the late afternoon sunshine just as we’re thinking about heading back for some caravan time. Taking our time through a couple of villages near site as sheep happily graze kerb side. It’s a different world. Back at the van, kettle on, chairs pointing towards that big golden blob in the sky, feet up and back to my book, no WiFi or phone signal remember.

First trip out in about 7 months, it felt good to be back. Next time I’ll be more prepared, my brain will be in gear, fingers crossed. Things we forgot on this trip, the pink stuff for the flush, pillows, my white bra, mustard for the bbq cooked in the halogen, a big umbrella, walking boots. Not bad for the first trip of the season.

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3 thoughts on “Out and About in the Malvern Hills

  1. We are on that site for five days in September. Just cancelled Longleat as Sky Safari not happening going to Exebridge Lakeside and then New Forest. Loved the blog some great pics and some places for us to visit cheers for the advice


  2. Great pictures as always Debs – loved the bird sculpture! And some fantastic text. You have this skill of always making me laugh out loud as I read it. Just brilliant. Nice to have no WiFi for a change so you can completely relax. Glad you had a good time. XX

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