VE Day Celebrations with a Difference

Started the day with a brew and watching as the nation prepares to celebrate VE Day on TV.

We’d planned on linking our celebrations with the steam railway that runs along the side of the site. Photos of past events that the railway has run have always looked good and we were looking forward to this weekend. Spirits would’ve been high, the weather was glorious, afternoon tea for all our members would’ve been laid out, the train would’ve been chugging up and down, all in memory of those who gave their lives 75 years ago.

Instead we’re fighting our own little battle and having to try to celebrate their achievements whilst complying with social distancing. Our isolation family on site consists of 4 of us and we decided that in the absence of members we’d still celebrate.

Bunting strewn across the closed gates, we set up for afternoon tea on a pitch over looking the railway line.

Mountains of bread, remember there’s only four of us, piles of peppered beef, eggs and ham and I disappear into a pile of crumbs. Crusts on or crusts off? Decided on a bit of a mix. The Boss hates triangle butties so triangles it is. Presentation is key, even if there is only the four of us. Cake stands aren’t high on the list of caravan wardens, not something I just happen to have hiding at the back of the cupboard adding to the extra payload, so Blue Peter or WW2 style, I make do and mend. Two beakers, two dinner plates, two side plates and a big fob of blue tack, et voila! Afternoon tea stand. Good idea even if I do say so myself.

Quite pleased with my little self, we carry our wares to our picnic destination. We’ve done ourselves proud, the table is sagging under the weight of butties, scones and pastries.

All that weight I’ve lost is about to be piled back on. 1940s war time tunes blast out of the blue tooth speaker, the sun is shining, what a very different day this is to what it should have been.

Winston Churchill addressed the nation and we put the world to rights whilst gorging on mountains of carbohydrates and slurping copious amounts of tea. we watched the calves in the field beyond the train line chasing each other. Magpies started to observe from a distance in the hope of a dropped morsel.

Needless to say we didn’t demolish the whole mountain of food and the birds hoovered up the crumbs. Packing up as the sun starts to set and the chill starts to bite. Back in time to listen to the King’s speech, the Queen’s speech and a good old sing a long with Dame Vera, to the very apt ‘We’ll Meet Again.’

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