Blurry Days

The gospel choir of birds outside our window woke me early. Then the rooks joined in and drowned out the beautiful dawn chorus, pulling the quilt up I managed to doze off again for a couple of hours until the pigeons joined a troop of Morris Dancers on our roof, time to get up.

Starting the day as I mean to go on, I showered and dressed and sank the first brew of the day. I avoided my iPad and good old Facecloth, which normally distracts me for a good hour and stayed in the kitchen. A week or so ago our Jellybeans sent pics through of pinwheels they’d made for lunch. Getting out my homemade pizza sauce, cheese grater and chorizo I switched the oven on.

Before anyone asks I made 9, lunch for the two of us for today and tomorrow. It might be fisticuffs over the odd one. And, blooming good they were too. Little bit of a cheat going on I admit, I’m the absence of flour, I bought a sheet of ready rolled puff pastry. A couple of quick, cheap and easy lunches sorted for about a pound!

After lunch The Boss went out on his bike, not wanting to feel left out and avoiding another hour of my life lost on Facecloth, I yanked my bike out of the garage and into the sunshine. With the accommodation behind me and the sun on my face I was raring to go. That was until coming back up the site the wind hit me full on in the face, dropping down the gears I considered going back for a brew but carried on. Taking time to stop and check out the water levels in the swamp next door, 4 Canadian Geese, a heron and multiple ducks with three little babies, enjoyed the rapidly receding water. I just wasn’t quick enough to get a photo of the heron.

10 laps of the site, 4 miles in total, my heart was racing and my legs like jelly. I need to get back into this cycling malarkey. Since the 1st of March I’ve lost a total of 19lbs and have stabilised. Hopefully the cycling will trigger more to come off. I just need to get myself motivated to go out on the bike regularly, it really is just too easy to flick the switch on the kettle, sit down and do… nothing.

I am really grateful that, like so many other people, we have access to our caravan. At home our drive isn’t big enough so, our van spends its time tucked up in storage about a mile away from our house. Whilst in ‘normal’ times this works really well for us, it’s locality means we can pop there whenever we want. Due to lockdown our site is also locked down and we are still on site, which means that we have it with us. I am finding it helps being able to just go and put my feet up and try to take stock of days. It’s my little bit of home, my familiarity. Unlike our accommodation, that we are living in on site, which has everything we need and is comfortable, it’s not mine. It’s not filled with my stuff. Those of you lucky enough to have your vans on the drive and are still using them, weekend’s and tea in the van, whilst your neighbours might think you’re bonkers, I fully understand, keep visiting your happy places.

3 thoughts on “Blurry Days

  1. We were one of the last to leave the site, having checked in by phone from 5 yards (old school) away, so I can fully understand your enjoyment of what is a lovely site.

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    1. It is a lovely site, in such a beautiful area, that we have yet to venture out into. I’m still not brave enough to leave the confines of the site unless absolutely necessary. Hopefully, when all this is a dim and distant memory, you’ll return and say hello. 😊


  2. As usual, great photos, Deb. You have a great eye and I am very envious! I have been doing cycle rides on our local, quiet, roads with George and Isabelle and been enjoying it. Well done for keeping the weight off. Keep safe and well and hope to be able to get over to see you before the end of the year. Love to you both!


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