Podcasts, Stargazing and Wildlife

Days are now only defined by the sleep in between them and that’s not good at the minute. Struggling to settle at bed time and struggling to crawl out of my pit in a morning.

Whilst The Boss passes Inverness cycling round site on his virtual Lands End to John O’Groats I needed something to do. Cycling, walking all very good on site but going round and round was getting quite monotonous. The Jellybeans suggested listening to their favourite podcast whilst navigating my way around site. Good idea, but I’ve no headphones. Lightbulb moment, stuff my phone down my bra on full blast. Chris and Rosie Ramsey are so funny (but not for the faint hearted) it’s a good job there’s no one else around when I’m listening. Chuckling my little head off I set off wandering round site. Before I know it, 2 podcasts and 10,000 steps later my jaw is aching from laughing.

After watching the Elon Musk Starlink train of satellites in convoy across the night skies the other week we decided, after another Netflix episode of The Crown, we’d drag the camping chairs out into the depths of the site for a bit of stargazing.

Away from lights and trees we settled on a pitch, wrapped ourselves in blankets, reclined the chairs and waited. The sky was particularly clear and Venus twinkled in the West. Not to be on our own we video messaged the Jellybeans and got them outside too. Co-ordinating our positions by The Plough and a diamond shape formation that was particularly bright, we all settled to watch together. Bliss, knowing that even though we are so far apart we were looking at the same stars at the same time.

The site continues to attract wildlife that would otherwise be too shy to make an appearance, the latest additions being a Muntjac deer and a Stoat. The Muntjac is very notable by its rather odd ‘bark’. It keeps a wary distance as we walk around site then late at night we guess it’s position on site by the volume and direction of the bark.

The heron that I’ve so wanted a photo of, seems to be a predator in The Swamp. Our 3 baby ducklings, slowly disappeared. The Stoat meanwhile, is very productive. Every time we see it something is dangling from it’s mouth as it darts about the place, hopefully it has plenty of choice before it starts eyeing us up and stays away from the cute rabbits.

this fella is no taller than the grass

The rest of the time is spent sunbathing, reading and watching … length of coronavirus subscription only … Netflix. It’s a weird scenario, maintaining the Lanzarote tan and lounging about is lovely in its own way, we appreciate things could be far, far worse, but we would give it up in a flash to be able to see The Jellybeans, go for a meal, stare at the sea and just generally go beyond the gate and enjoy living again.

5 thoughts on “Podcasts, Stargazing and Wildlife

  1. Wonderful photos as always. I have been looking at the stars too but quite a lot of light pollution here in Petts Wood being a suburb, however Venus has been really bright. I had no idea what is up there and where they are, but I got a secondhand iPhone and use an App called Constellation Map Mobile and the developer is Masahiro Chosa and it was free to get. You point your phone up and it tells you all the stars and constellations. Been brilliant.
    Keep up the good work cycling Steve, and both of you please keep safe and well. Hope you get to see the Jellybeans for a hug very soon. XX

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  2. I’m enjoying your updates on “site life”. You’re keeping the exercise regime up very well – I find it hard to motivate myself some days! Now restrictions have been lifted a tiny bit, couldn’t you go for a drive somewhere to make a change, or aren’t you allowed to leave the site unattended?
    I agree, the worst thing is missing our children and grandchildren and the hugs. But as long as we all stay well……..

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    1. Hi Amanda,
      We are allowed to leave site, it’s just me. Unless absolutely necessary, I don’t want to leave. I feel safe here. The gates are locked, no one comes in and we only shop once every two weeks or so. For now, this is my safe place.
      Take care.


      1. I can understand that, home and garden are my safe places and I only shop every 10days or so and feel a nervous wreck each time! However, we do go for a walk sometimes, otherwise I get a bit stir crazy.
        Stay safe.

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  3. Hope you are coping as OK as is possible in this situation, an assuming the jelly beans are young family, stay strong, stay healthy and we will get through this, love reading the blog too, lI enjoy stargazing, but seems I need bigger boys toys to watch through my telescopes, just got to convince S,H,M,B,O. that 3 telescopes and gear is not excessive 😉

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