50 for 50 – Our European Tour Summary

We’ve been home just over a month  now and it’s time to reflect on what was the trip of a lifetime. The caravan has been cleaned inside and out ready for its next trip, washing done and we’re back at work, back to the daily grind.

Our 50 days for our 50th was the best birthday present we could’ve had.

We visited 6 countries, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Italy and France. We enjoyed visiting each country for different reasons.

The architecture of Bruges in Belgium, the tree lined roads and of course the ‘to die for’ waffles that gave me the biggest sugar rush ever.

Turn left towards Belgium & The Netherlands

Cycling in The Netherlands is second to non, with the highlight of being able to ride into Amsterdam. Wanting to sit and watch the world go by and finding ourselves passively smoking from the Coffee Shop next door. Spending a lovely evening with our old neighbours, Sam and Marcel, great food, prossecco and lots of laughter.

Keukenhof -The Garden of Tulips… and People 

The ‘Low’ Lands and ‘Highs’ of Amsterdam

Germany brought mountains and snow, fairy tale castles and medieval towns,  a splash of history and a few quirky caravans too.

Herkules Bergpark, Wilhelmshöhe, Kassel.

Half Timber Houses & Sausages

The Cute and Brute of Germany

Old Romantics

Austria gave us spectacular views, mountains and a splash of crystals at Swarovski.

Austria in the Caravan 

Italy offered more mountains and tunnels. I think every trip out involved a tunnel or two. This is where the sun started heating up and we dipped our toes in the sea. Our first taste of Aperol Spritz and little bowls of olives in bars.

Lake Garda, so hard to leave.

Two Tour Tuscany

Van to SanRemo & No Go Monaco

France, good old France never fails to amaze. Gorges the size we’d never seen. Pretty little villages, bridges, monasteries and cheap wine, expensive beer and no little bowls of olives.

Arrivederci Italy, Bonjour France, Howdy America 

Massif Central, Troglodytes and Templar Knights

Lazy Ladybird Days & Six Inches on a Map

Last days of the trip

In total we stayed on 13 sites,  all very different to each other. At the side of lakes, nestled in the countryside, on top of mountains, in the depths of woodland and on the Mediterranean coast. Our total cost of site fees was €949 for 50 nights. We’d budgeted €20 per night so saved a little bit there. We towed for a total of 2636 miles with a total of 3726 driving miles altogether. We have no idea how many miles we cycled, I wish we’d tracked that too, next time… Will there be a next time? I blooming hope so! I’d do every mile and every site again. But, next time we will track our cycled miles. Next time, I want to go for longer, next time I want to do different regions, different countries. I don’t want to feel rushed into moving onto the next stop because we have a deadline date to catch a train home. By the stars, we need to retire! How long have we got left to work…

You want to caravan abroad, but …

12 thoughts on “50 for 50 – Our European Tour Summary

  1. Lovely to read your blogs Approx 16/17 years left to retirement and although it’s great We nearing 70 are finding the miles travelled walked and cycled are getting less each year Heyho we are still enjoying what we can do which is a lot more than most !

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  2. That is quite some trip Deb and the site fees are very reasonable. As we only manage to get to France in High season we are used to much higher site fees. Maybe the management needs to get out of the Education field of employment…. One day!

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    1. True, doubt we could afford it in peak periods. Tried to comment on your last blog but I think you have comments switched off .. You need not worry about the Tunnel Booking paperwork, the cameras automatically detect booking from your car reg, no-one wants to see your paperwork.

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  3. Thanks for sharing very interesting can’t wait till we get out there in our Self built Bus hopefully dos bit of wild Camping and seeing friends on the way.

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  4. It’s been a great trip to follow, and pick up a few destination ideas from. It would be great if one of the magazines could sponsor you – you make a great job of writing an entertaining and interesting article. Best of luck with the asap retirement plans, see you on the road!

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