Wessex ‘Waterless Wash’ for vehicles

I am very lazy when it comes to washing the caravan but so many keep their caravans and motorhomes so shiny clean I am shamed into making more of an effort. Unless it’s high summer I soon find myself with water dripping from the sponge down my forearms to my elbow in a freezing mess, or with a telescopic sponge that can’t remove stubborn marks for fear of rubbing too hard and damaging the caravan. Not to mention repeated trips to taps to refill.

wessex-1We often review products we have purchased or have had sent to us to ‘try out’. The true test of whether we like a product is if we would buy in the future,  The Wessex ‘Waterless Wash’ is definitely in the ‘will buy’ category.

With this product I doubt we need to include water to our caravan washing routine from March to November, and in the other months you would only need a quick run around the caravan with a warm water sponge to clear any surface muck, which I did do today after our last couple of trips had been in the filthiest weather the UK winter could throw at us. This was literally one bucket of water, that turned black very quickly as I sponged off the mud’n’muck.

How to use, trigger spray entire side of caravan or motorhome in approx 30 seconds, move back to start point and wipe clean using a microfibre cloth. Repeat process on each side/front/back of caravan or motorhome. Once you have completed whole vehicle take a 2nd dry microfibre cloth and basically buff to a shiny finish. I would say the whole process took less than 30 minutes on a truly ‘filthy’ caravan and would expect 15 minutes outside of winter.

wessex-3  wessex-2  wessex-4

In the bottle the fluid appears as viscous as water but once sprayed on the vehicle I would say its viscosity was somewhere in between water and car wax and it feels a bit like waxing a car but without the effort. I also found while wiping clean that less effort was required to remove the speckled black marks you find near wheel arches and normally require a lot of muscle power as you squeakily and vigorously apply a soapy sponge.

hopefully the reflection demonstrates the shine

On a large 7 metre caravan I used approx 150ml of the 750ml bottle suggesting this bottle will do me 5 washes but I know I will use less when weather is a bit cleaner, this is being written in January. At time of writing a 750ml bottle is priced at £9.99 making this less than £2 per wash and the caravan looks better than the day we bought it. My forearms and elbows stayed warm and dry and the only accessory required was the caravan step, just remember to tell your partner the step is not outside the door when they bring you a warm brew.wessex-8

Media Pack PDF available on request via Contact Us

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