An evening in the life of…

An evening in the caravan is so different to an evening at home. For a start we don’t have a TV, no news, no One Show, no Corrie, oh how I miss my Corrie. I feel caravan life, I smell caravan life and my goodness, it smells good. 

An evening normally starts as the sun starts to drop, the temperature falls and lights start to illuminate caravans. This is normally my favourite time for a wander around the site. Still too light to pull the blinds but just dark enough to put the lights on. Lovely to get an insight into how everyone else enjoys their caravans. 

Caravans with lamps, caravans with candles. TV’s flicker the news as dinner is prepared. Food smells waft on warmer days.  Dogs bound around on their final walk of the day. Children doing their last circuit of the site on their bikes and scooters. 

Slowly the site starts to slumber. Some wander down to shower before bed, others snuggle down with a cup of tea or a tipple of something a little stronger. 

Us? After our wander around the site I like to prepare dinner. Eat, watching the world starting to settle whilst listening to Radio 2. Showing my age now. Back in the day I was a Radio 1 girl. Food dutifully snaffled, time for a cup of tea. It’s up to the The Boss to provide this beverage, normally brewing as we do the dishes. We wash up in the caravan, no trailing dirty pots across to the dishwashing area provided on site for us . Bailey provided me with a sink and a drainer and I use it. Plates returned to the cupboard and depending on the DJ on the radio determines whether we carry on listening or play something off the ever growing list of music on the iPad. Music has been a passion of ours from our early teenage years and we love harping back to our past. Name that tune in… is a challenge we like, got to name the song before the singing starts.  Tonight it’s iPad and the past. Tears for Fears, Elvis Costello and Secret Affair serenade us through the evening. 

Sunsets play a big part of our evening and to have our front window frame one, is idyllic. 

Cup of tea consumed, its dark outside but we are still reluctant to shut the world out and our blinds stay open for a little while longer. 
Time for a tipple, tonight’s choice, Prosecco, a Christmas gift off one of our lovely daughter’s boyfriend.  Bubbles fizz and relaxation starts. Chat flows. We talk about anything and everything. Maybe a phone call to the parents or a catch up call with a friend. An hour or two reading a book, we just go with the flow. Time seems more plentiful here than at home. 

The moon is out, the bottle is empty. Quick night night text to our girls. One last trip to the loo. Time to turn in. Life is so much simpler here than at home. No worries nothing to think about. And breathe…

13 thoughts on “An evening in the life of…

  1. These blogs of yours make me ever more envious. You do a great job of making it sound bliss, prompting the imagination of the reader to paint the picture of time spent perfectly. Lovely read.

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  2. We also love to get away with our 2 dogs we are normally TV addicts but when we take the caravan away we love listening to the radio and chilling the best part though is waking up with the dew on the grass and listening to the birds enjoy…..

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  3. That was a beautifully described topical evening, similar to ours, though we don’t even take a radio. Oh roll on better weather so the new season can start.

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  4. We are similar but have a motorhome, usually tow a small Toyota, favourite CL site 6miles from Mudeford a bit different from Yorkshire. In Our Seventies and love the slow pace of freedom.

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    1. Hi Tony, Joan,
      Just been to Mudeford today (nr Christchurch), but we like it oop Yorkshire just as much, especially The Dales.


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