Our European Caravan Tour Plan – January Update

50 for 50

OK folks, we need your help to plan our first extended trip.  We are both hitting 50 this year and also have our 30th Wedding Anniversary.  We are celebrating by taking a 50 day Tour of Europe, one of the only benefits of a zero hour contract, and were thinking approx 11 stops of between 3 and 7 days depending on the area.

Your input is welcome. The map below shows a guide route, after spending a couple of days acclimatising to the European air in Belgium we will stop near Amsterdam for a few days then head south for the mountains of Germany, Austria, Switzerland and France, the current plan is to head south through Germany on the Fairy Tale Route that takes in many of the castles and towns that allegedly inspired the fairy tales of our childhood. Then into the mountains for the beautiful scenery and mountain air where I imagine we may linger, then back north through France on a route not yet decided.

The route is mostly dictated by the ‘points of interest’ we are identifying along the way. These are shown on the map as white stars on green circle, if you know any other interesting places along the route please let us know (especially Mid France). We are thinking the ‘mustard’ coloured stars are too far off route for this trip (ones for a future adventure).

We have now decided to utilise the Camping Card ACSI network of sites throughout this trip as we are off-season when we go. Once again, if you have visited or can recommend any ACSI sites along this route, and ideally near the white/green stars, we will be grateful.  There are so many ACSI sites we now know we can do this route without having to prebook sites which will add a sensation of freedom, providing we forget we have to be home on day 50.

please help us identify:

  1. Good recommended ACSI caravan sites near the pins. Sites we like: Scenic, Peaceful, Wifi or 3G signal, EHU. 
  2. Interesting places within one hour of pins/route. Places we like to visit: Historic Towns/Cities, Chocolate Box Towns/Villages, Mountain Scenery etc.

Once a site is deemed suitable a pin will be added to the map as a potential site (blue) and points of interest will be added (stars) to the map too.

Suggestions in the comments section below or via twitter account @DebLudford

Help us make this a memorable trip – Many thanks in advance

10 thoughts on “Our European Caravan Tour Plan – January Update

  1. Hi well worth a visit is Oberstdof the town is lovely nice places to eat. Also a trip up the nebelhorn cable car. And around the area. Been here a few times as our daughter is an ice dancer
    Campingplatz Oberstdorf

    https://goo.gl/maps/qCQ2CLwmpwS2 have not been to site but looks nice as we were passing. Neuschwanstein castle is about one and half hours away.
    Have fun regards Conrad

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    1. Hi Conrad, thanks for these, will be adding them to the map over the weekend, that area is starting to flush out some gems. I suspect we could be spending a few weeks there. Thanks, Steve & Deb.


  2. Hi Deb. When we visited Neuschwanstein Castle we stayed at a site called camping-hopfensee in Füssen. Right by a lake with cycling around it, about 20 mins from the castle. Beautiful site. Not sure if in ACSI. It is also only about 30 mins from the Austrian boarder and Fernpass.

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      1. Still don’t know! It dipends if we like to camper or not :). We didn’t even had a small trip before. Also we will see if we can work from camper then we can be on trip for more then a month. Also our girls are 1, 3 and almost 5 year old – we will see, if we can manage all that! 🙂

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      2. Wow, I would say, if you can make it happen, do it. The children will love it as everything is an adventure at that age, yes, somethings will be difficult, but trips like that make memories for you all. Good Luck, I hope it work for you.

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  3. If you have not already booked a site in Amsterdam then we can recommend Camping Zeeburg. It has free wifi with EHU and good facilities. The relaxed atmosphere is underpinned with great management that allows a festival like ambience about the place. Access to the coast and countryside by bike is easy as is the city centre via the tram just a short walk away at Flevopark. We can also recommend a tandem ride to Marken and Volendam as a contrast to the hustle and bustle of the city. Have fun wherever you end up. We are also in Hampshire from the north, Ilkley and Bristol, with a large caravan and a tandem with zero hour jobs having had successful careers. It’s a great arrangement!

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    1. Hi John, Jane,
      All noted, especially the ride. We are planning not to plan sites until 1 or 2 days before leaving previous site. We are however, collecting as many tips and suggestions as we can to help that process or as back ups. Regards, Steve, Deb.


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