Hitched up and Back to Site

Up early, early today. Well, 8am, early for me when I’m not working. The big piles of clobber that we’ve been building around the house were cleverly stashed in the car. Taking a few more bits than this time last year. I’d planned on having a few days off in the first month or so to get home last year. It didn’t happen, lockdown happened and I was stuck at work with very little in the way of clothes and stuff.

Waved goodbye to the Jellybeans and my house. Quick tickle under the chin for the tortoise and a scratch behind the ears for the cat and we squish into the car and go to pick my OLIO bits up. Sad to be leaving home, lots of reasons to be sad to be leaving. We’ve actually got the house just as we wanted, finishing the garden just yesterday. Also, I’ve missed out on Jellybean time. Really missed not spending quality time with our eldest, even though I can see her house from mine. A change of scenery will do us good though.

Caravan safely hooked onto the back of the car and that’s it, our winter is over. The roads are very quiet, a caravan tanking along towards the Cotswolds must look strange. I was a bit worried we’d get stopped by the police but the journey possibly was the best we’ve done. Thanks for that Boris.

To fill in a few gaps for new readers, we are assistant managers on a caravan site in the Cotswolds and whilst we are still in lockdown and the site is closed, our contract is about to start. So, back to work for us it is.

Pulling through the gates and it looks good. I’m a bit apprehensive to be back. Anxieties always kick in after having winter off and returning. Bit different this time. Whilst getting to grips with running a site again seems to come naturally once you’re in the swing of things, this time it’s different. Site is closed, are we going to be working a closed site or being furloughed? Who knows. Apprehensive about being amongst people again, will I manage to stay awake though a working day and how am I going to manage without my afternoon reading session, snuggled up on the settee.

Our stuff and clobber spills from the boot and after a quick catch up with the winter staff, it’s time to start putting things away. Having spent 8 months here last year, despite my anxieties, it does feel like coming home. Also, it feels good to have a change of scenery.

Trip to Lidl and Morrison’s for a big shop. Need to get supplies in , it’s not as easy to get bits and bobs when you run out here as it is at home, so we have to be prepared. Morrison’s pizza for tea, then a quick walk round site, reacquainting ourselves just as the light starts to fade. It’s getting cold, the rabbits are bobbing around in the shadows and scamper into the bushes as we approach. The rooks are disturbed as we wander around, squawking into the darkness. It’s looking good out there, it just needs caravans.

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  1. Glad you had a good journey and were not stopped! Hope you fall back into a work routine quickly, and that this year is a better one for you. XX

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