A Trip to the Caravan

Snow flakes still falling but not amounting to anything. Big coat on, boots on and out into the cold. We keep our caravan a mile away on a local farm. With our start back at work date looming at the end of the month we need to start thinking about getting ready and that means getting the caravan ready.

Rounding the corner on the site we are pleased to see that it’s still there. Surprisingly, there are quite a few empty spaces, wonder where they are? Quick walk round the outside, checking lockers and kicking the tyres, that’s how you check a tyre, right?

Opening the door and that good old smell hits my nostrils, the magic dust falls and I’m instantly transported to a world of relaxation. Freezing relaxation.

It’s not easy getting my blooming boots off though before going in. Despite the ground being frozen, just like home we still take our shoes off before going in.

Knowing that the van wasn’t going to be used over the winter we’d decided to utilise the caravan to its full extent, storage. Since the house move we had various bits and pieces that hadn’t really found anywhere to live in our new home. Said bits and pieces had been squirrelled away to the caravan, just to get them out of the way whilst we sorted ourselves out. Hence, not much room to swing a cat, let alone take your shoes off.

Blinds flung open to let the watery day light in and everything looks in fine fettle. Cupboard doors opened revealing emptiness. I can’t wait to get my stuff back in them. Vacuum packed uniform and bedding still lay squished on the bed. Our portable oven, with its door wide open, sits on top of a Box of PPE. Seating pulled away from the wall and fridge just screaming to be filled. I sneak a few seconds just sitting… drinking it in. Enjoying the stillness, the quiet, the ambience, the pigging cold temperatures. Bits of wood, a couple of camping chairs and a couple of plastic boxes destined for the shed are pulled towards the door.

One last look around, pulling the blinds back up, one final smell of holidays past, boots pulled on and door closed behind me. One last look around the outside, I didn’t feel the need to kick the tyres again. A parting glance, knowing that we will be back very soon, lots to sort out in the next couple of weeks before we go back to work.

7 thoughts on “A Trip to the Caravan

  1. Be nice for you to get back to being a Warden again – hopefully the sites will open soon and wonderful holidays can commence for all. Safe journey back there when you go. XX


  2. We had beans on toast in our caravan on the drive the other lunchtime pretending , we were imagining we we somewhere nice ! Luckily I put the heating on 2 hours b4 , cant wait to go somewhere , or anywhere !!!!

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