Lockdown Day 8 – Last day…

Another night with hardly any sleep. Our bed is so comfy but still I’m spending the night tossing and turning with my mind going into overdrive. Lots of ‘What if’ tabs open in my brain that I just can’t seem to close down. Falling out of bed and onto the bathroom scales they declare that since getting back from Lanzarote I’ve lost just over a stone. That’s a plus in these bonkers times. The Boss hits the ‘one stone off’ mark too, the tandem will be relieved.

Climbing into my uniform for one last time has me wondering what I’m going to wear from tomorrow onwards. Working on site I tend to wear my uniform, finish work and straight into my Jim jams. I possess one pair of jeans and three T shirts and two cardigans at work all my other clothes are at home. Good job I’m not going anywhere special.

The day flies past in a flurry of muck, water and paint brushes. Blink and it’s lunchtime, blink again and we’re done. We are staying on site for the foreseeable but that’s it, the key turns in the door and work is done until … until not even Boris knows when.

Mixed feelings as I head back to our accommodation, feels good to be having some time off, hopefully I’ll catch up on my sleep and a bit of cleaning, maybe even find time to shave the old legs, although under jeans who’s going to know? I imagine the novelty will wear off quite quickly with nowhere to go.

The Boss goes for yet another ride, he could do it with his eyes closed now, except for the increasing numbers of rabbits and pheasants running in all directions to keep him alert.

A lie in tomorrow … and the day after … and the ….

One thought on “Lockdown Day 8 – Last day…

  1. It’s a toughie – the just not knowing when. I have found that the hardest thing to cope with.

    We have tried to take control of the uncertainty simply by being sanguine about it. We have plans in place that we can put into practice quickly as soon as anything changes. In the meantime, we’re just keeping ourselves busy and, rather than imprisonment, we’re trying to view this as a precious gift of time. Although it’s been four weeks for us in Italy and just extended by a fortnight…

    Nevertheless, my Russian is coming along a treat and I do enjoy the lie ins.

    I will be well-rested and fluent by the time we get to St Petersburg!

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