Lockdown Day 7 – Furloughed

At any other point in time it would be hard to imagine this being a positive. Yet here we are today very relieved and very appreciative of the support of our state and our employer.

In our respective employments three years ago, one a Care Worker and one a HGV Driver, we would today have been working ‘full tilt’ and very much in contact with others. With this in mind, we feel a level of guilt to be supported in our period of non-work, while many are working ‘above and beyond’. Hopefully, we forward paid the state in our thirty four years working life and will repay our employer by ensuring everyone has the best holiday when we once again, open the gates.

As of tomorrow night we will continue to ‘stay at home’ where we are, but ‘not working’. As nothing will be happening we are likely to update the blog less often now … we’ll see.

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