Lockdown Day 5 – Reality Dawning

No sun streaming through the window this morning, pulling back the curtains it looks breezy and cold. Steaming cup of tea and Dermot O’Leary on Radio 2 help me wake up. Nipping out to the office to check emails and such confirms my suspicions, it is pigging freezing.

Last night we had an evening stroll around site, prompted by Facebook comments about the Moon and Venus. We couldn’t see our hands in front of our faces, who turned all the lights off? … Oh yeah, we did.

We have another day off today, “Easy Life” I hear you saying … steady on, it’s a peculiarity of our rota, we only have three full days off per two week rota, we were due to have Thursday, Monday and Tuesday, but, post closure, we all aligned to a five day working week as we found more tasks could be completed if both couples worked same shifts. So, weekend off. It could all be incidental in the coming months.

Homemade soup and a crusty baguette for lunch. Only been up a few hours and the washer is on for the second time, kitchen tidied. Kettle on, twice. I’ve read some of my book that I started in Lanzarote, he’s had a nap and now I’m bored. This could be a long couple of months and we haven’t stopped working … yet.

In the interests of sanity, we have provisionally agreed that in the event of prolonged ‘confinement’ we will have a daily coffee break with t’other couple on site. As we are isolating together, effectively, we are like one household, but we still take precautions around distancing. Reality is starting to set in, work has been a welcome distraction so far, we can only speculate on the future but likelihood is that we will continue the ‘heroic’ act of isolating behind the closed gates.

The Boss set off on another bike ride, apparently fourteen times around site is eight miles (how interesting !!!).

When he got back, I’d gone. It took him a nano second to realise where. I’d decided to leave our accommodation for a bit of ‘drivecation’ in the caravan. I tried to sneak an ‘Eccles Cake’ without him knowing but forgot to hide the crumb strewn plate … dooh. We better keep riding the bikes, we need to consume all the perishable shop items, unfortunately (hmmm), they are mostly cakes.

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