Lockdown Day 4 – Awaiting the Unknown

The site is starting to look really nice, so it’s a bloody shame no one is here to see it. The Boys finished the final bits required on the main gate, before finishing the final bits on the top dog walk fence, which had donated it’s post to the main gate. Meanwhile, us Girls slaved away removing all the moss in the entrance area and continuing to complete the task of cancelling bookings.

Some members have been so lovely, concerned about our welfare and worrying if we have somewhere to go if we have to leave site. Offers to park our caravan on people’s driveways, “We have an outside tap and an extension lead” one suggests. I politely decline saying “Hopefully it won’t come to that”.

Wildlife continues to take over the site, we should start charging them, you can barely move for rabbits, crows, woodpeckers and pheasants. We even watched a couple having a good scrap.

This took us until dinner time (lunch), or in someone’s case, shower time, they looked liked they’d been rolling in mud. As we chomped on our bacon butties we read our post, Jellybean #2 has been taking pictures of our post so we can read and action it.

The important one is from our mortgage provider …

This comes as a great relief. Our income is currently guaranteed until the last day of March and our next mortgage payment is the very next day. Like many across the country, without knowing where our next money will come from we desperately sought a mortgage holiday the very day our site closure was announced. This takes one worry away for the time being.

We return from dinner and I spend a couple of hours washing 117 pitch peg markers and Steve starts power washing the service points, apparently the concrete is white, not green.

At 4.30pm we huddle around the office phone for a latest update, well, we huddle one couple two metres from the other couple. We understand a further update will follow next week. We can wait, we are a captive audience after all.

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