Frome Independent Traders Market

We’d seen the signs at the sides of the road earlier in the week and chosen to either not read them or ignore them, they won’t apply to us.

‘Frome Independent Traders Market, this Sunday’ they’d clearly stated all week. Why would we want to go into Frome on a Bank Holiday Sunday? Why take note of the signs?

Having friends on site during the week, we’d shared a glass or two and passed the time regaling each other with tales of our trips out in the local area. They’d had a lovely afternoon in Frome, really? Our extent of visiting our local town had been trips to the supermarkets and chippy. Why had we not ventured into the centre? Just a few miles down the road from the site, we decided on a Bank Holiday Sunday to stay local and head into Frome. Don’t want to get stuck in Bank Holiday traffic.

Heading into town, from Longleat Caravan and Motorhome Club Site, car parks are sign posted as full, park and ride signs have sprouted up. Flipping ‘eck, The Boss’s blood is starting to boil. The roads are busy, cars and people everywhere. Driving round and any street parking to be found is big enough for a Smart car, not The Volvo. Finally a space on an end appears, free parking always a bonus.

Frome Independent Traders Market

Heading down Catherine’s Hill, the hustle and bustle of the Independent Traders Market unfolds in front of us. The town is teeming with people. Suitcase stalls are propped up on the steep incline of the hill, tables chocked with bits of wood to level them. Jewellery, soft furnishings, clothes, all hand made, adorn small tables, some spilling out of suitcases, others artistically displayed on stands.

Samples of cheese, breads and street foods. God, how I love street food. We’ve eaten dinner and tea is planned, (northerners, remember, no lunch and dinner for us). Would it be wrong to plan an extra meal into our day? We don’t take much persuading, we’ll have tonight’s tea tomorrow. We stand in the queue of a Persian food stall advertising Sweet Chicken Harissa rolled in a soft Naan, taste buds tantalised, the queue moves slowly forward. Spiced chicken wafts in the breeze along the line of people patiently waiting. My giddy aunt, it was worth the wait.

Water continues to flow down Cheap Street as Buskers entertain the crowds.

Signs in cafes, bakers and fountains make us giggle.

Frome Independent Traders Market is quickly becoming one of the countries most visited markets, offering a variety of food and drink, flowers and plants, vintage bric a brac, contemporary, handmade and vintage clothing, jewellery and so much more.

If you’re in the area on the first Sunday of the month it’s well worth a visit. It has a very bohemian, Glastonbury feel, make sure you allow a few hours, it’s worth it.

There’s even a caravan! Lucille’s ice cream and coffee shop.

I wonder when we’ll have the next first Sunday of the month off…

5 thoughts on “Frome Independent Traders Market

  1. Can’t believe it, Frome used to be part of my patrol area back in the day, and it was a place to be avoided. Now it seems to be a place to go. Like the sound of the market Deb so one to visit for sure. Thanks for the write up!

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  2. And a very good stay we had with you both. We will definitely return making sure our stay includes the first Sunday of the month. The Indian we had is also worth a visit. Yum yum

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