End of Season Packing Up

With the end of the season fast approaching we’ve tried to use a bit of time to do a few caravan jobs. First on the list was mattress buying, with constant daily use the memory foam mattress we acquired early in 2017 has become forgetful foam and has now chosen to remember the shape of our bodies. Resulting in us waking up tireder than we went to bed and our backs mashed to bits. After trawling the internet and tramping through bed chain stores we really couldn’t find anything we liked. With the memory foam mattress being custom made, we were also struggling to find something to fit. Driving through a local town in the New Forest we spotted an old fashioned bed shop. Inside, an extremely well spoken middle aged gent talked us through mattresses. A single and a small single, shoved together would fill the gap. A week later and they’re ready for collection, The Boss won’t pay for delivery so squeezed them in The Volvo and drove with his knees under his chin while his belly kept the steering wheel warm. Pound for pound, slightly dearer than we’d budgeted for but, kilo for kilo, exactly the same weight as the cream crackered memory foam one. Here’s to a good nights sleep.

Cooler mornings and evenings mean that the awning wasn’t getting quite as much use as it had done. We’ve packed the car up on a couple of occasions and carted stuff home that we can manage without for a few weeks, so the awning was starting to look quite sparse and starting to be used as just a glorified shoe cupboard.

One fine Wednesday afternoon after cleaning the loos we head back to the caravan. The sun is shining and it’s bone dry. Heavy rain forecasted for the weekend, should we, shouldn’t we? Still five weeks to go… Before we get time to think, he’s pulled the pegs out and is unscrewing poles. Brushed down, folded up and back in its bags in a matter of two hours.

Next job on the agenda, spin the caravan round. Without us having the awning up, the walk of shame, to the bathroom in our compound, first thing in a morning was considerably longer and a lot more public. With us being en route to the dog walk, means we’ve got a constant stream of people walking past. As with anything, people like a good nosey, you just have to look. It’s human nature to want to see what the warden’s compound looks like. Me in my jim jams, bleary eyed complete with bed head bursting for a wee, isn’t the view I want to give people. Spinning the van sideways, gives us a modicum of privacy back as I step out first thing in the morning.

Next, the waterworks, not talking about my walk of shame to the loo now. The caravan waterworks have been redundant all year as we have our own toilet, shower and bath in the compound. The caravan has remained water free so we decide to treat the Aquaroll, pipework and Wastemaster to a good dose of Puriclean. The Boss also uses the opportunity to test the gas burners and water connections from his boiler rebuild earlier in the year. If this blog continues beyond this paragraph we have survived the gas testing.

Now for the caravan fridge, or as it’s been used this year, it’s now known as the beer fridge. Switched on constantly since we landed way back in February, the freezer compartment now resembles the iceberg that sank the Titanic. Time to empty it, turn it off and let it defrost slowly without getting the carpet wet.

Fridge done and beer safely stored back inside, only one more job to do, wind those legs up…but not for a few days yet.

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  1. A quick season for you and yet again a lovely read xxx love reading them hun and will do on your next adventure else where 😉😁🍷

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