Half term week with Twitter friends

It’s been a full on busy week here on site during half term. It started with a manic full on couple of days which saw the site fill to the brim, luckily for us we were off for those days, the Bank Holiday weekend.

Saturday brought a lazy start and a tandem ride into the local village, Bransgore, to post my mum’s birthday supplies and to visit the local butcher for supplies for tomorrow.

We were expecting friends to arrive on the Saturday and were aiming to be back at the caravan by the time they arrived. Back on site just before 11am to discovered they were already on site and sat enjoying the sun. Trevor and Richard, also known as ‘The Blogger in Black’ from (Get your) Legs Down are people we met on Twitter a few years ago and have been lucky enough to meet on quite a few occasions. This is where I must point out, half term week was a busy socialising week for us on site. All those warnings mothers give to their children, “Don’t talk to, let alone meet(!) strangers off the internet!” Fell on deaf ears. Over the years we have become part of quite a big caravanning community on Twitter and have met and made some lifelong friends. Trevor and Richard in Patsy, their Coachman, became the hub and central meet and greet area for the week.

A lovely evening devouring fish and chips from the chippy van, that visits once a week, kickstarted the week. All washed down with a fine glass or two of white and a couple of ales, for research purposes as Richard often tells us.

Sunday dawned bright and early. Gail and Mark, wardens from another site, also from Twitter, were driving across on this glorious Bank Holiday Sunday. Only idiots, or Gail and Mark, would choose to do a journey of more than an hour from one holiday resort to another on a Bank Holiday Sunday. More than two hours later and they arrive, bursting for a wee, dying of thirst and hunger. Small picky lunch gobbled up and we trundled round the site to stretch the legs and free up our aching hinges, (hips and knees). We just happened to wander past Trevor and Richard, armed with chairs, Wine and a butchers barbecue pack we happened to have and soon found ourselves languishing lazily in the sun with the obligatory glass of something cold whilst the Legsdown Cadac warmed up.

Bank Holiday Monday and we are back in work, meeting and greeting members and saying goodbye to the ones who’ve only been able to stay for the weekend. The sun is still blazing as my work t-shirt rubs against the angry sun burn, from yesterday, on my shoulders. We’ve got a special visitor this afternoon. Lee and Charlie restored Gladys, a beautiful Bailey Maestro, over an 18 month period, adding just a few subtle modern touches to her interior. Check out Lee’s You Tube Channel Here.

Another Twitter friend who has met Trevor and Richard previously on many occasions, Sam, turned up to enjoy their hospitality. It really is lovely putting faces to names.

An evening visit after work to the local Toby Carvery with Trevor and Richard saw our plates piled high as we chatted over a pint or two of Ringwood Best. Suitably stuffed we pile into the car and take the scenic route back to the Centenary Site, through Bransgore, pointing out local pubs and the parade of local shops. Driving back through ponies and cattle it feels good showing people around our new neighbourhood.

Just before Trevor and Richard leave, more visitors to site. Karla and Stephen, also bloggers, whose blog can be found HERE, come across for one of their delicious barbecues. As we are on duty, they dine without us. Catching up with a natter and cake after we finish work, thanks Karla, the cakes were delicious.

The end of a good, but busy week, work wise and socialising. With the site being full to busting for the week with half term holiday makers, early mornings and late evenings we are well and truly bushed, but what a week. It was lovely seeing you all here.

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