Surviving a Caravan Power Cut

“Oh no, I’m going to miss Strictly”, my priorities are instantly at odds with those of The Boss. I hope he hasn’t just unplugged the Electric Hook Up.

Our previous electricity cuts in the caravan have never been any longer than the walk to the post at the back of the pitch to flick the circuit breaker back on. Not today, as we return from a day trip to Birmingham the site owner meets us at the caravan to inform us the ‘leccy’ went off six hours ago due to a tree pulling down cables just up the road.

A series of events follow that fall under the categories of bad luck, bad planning and sheer tightfistedness, is that a word? It must be, it describes The Boss so well.

Our electric heater element ‘blew’ a few weeks ago. We planned to repair it during the annual service last week until we found out the element cost £300 before fitting. No problem, it works on gas too, surely it will be a long time before we burn through £300 of gas. Trouble is, the gas is getting low and he won’t replace it until every last drop has been burnt. The caravan is freezing, well it is 0° outside. Normally, with the electric element, a low temperature would be set if we go out for the day, with a fast depleting gas supply, not an option.

Lasagne for tea, Gas cooker, no problem, we will cope. Did I mention I’m missing ‘Strictly’… I’m not coping. We are reminded by some ‘Twitter’ types that a 12V TV would have been the answer. The Boss reminds me that our TV was £10 on eBay and we will have a 12V TV only when they reach a similar good value. He tells me we can do a ‘Samba Roll’ later and “Who needs Strictly”.

As we sit listening to our only form of entertainment, the 12V radio, did I say I was missing ‘Strictly’? the temperature plummets, the gas heater has now stopped working. No gas or electric, this will be fun. Actually, it’s worse than that, the leisure battery has lost its charge and can no longer provide the 12V ignition to ignite the gas heating, we are getting colder and our only heat and light is now three candles and some twinkly lights powered by AA batteries.

We don’t fully know why the battery died, but we have numerous suspicions, we think the fridge had probably started to run off the leisure battery, now eight hours ago, as soon as the power was cut. Also, our battery is now three years old and came off our small two berth onto our much bigger five berth with all the extra motor mover strain that entails. It’s probably way too small, The Boss says he may even check it one day. He doesn’t want to find out in case it involves the need for money.

We wait in the cold and dark as the Electric Company estimated ‘switch on’ time is reached and passed without joy. A light comes on in The Boss’ head, at least we can use that!! He decides to hook up the caravan lead to the car to boost the leisure battery, in the pitch dark he can’t see the caravan through the muddy rear window so only stops reversing when the bumper is unable to push the caravan off its legs.

As he struggles in the dark to hook up the electric cable to the tow bar socket all the lights on the site suddenly flood the pitch with bright light. Now, far be it for me to suggest he is a bit slow, but he used this new found light to help him continue connecting the car. Dooh, “Steve, I think you’ll find the electric is back on”.

Have we learnt anything? Yes, lots. Will we do anything about it? Of course not.

‘Strictly?’… ended ten minutes ago.

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