Old Romantics

The Romantic Road (Romantische Straße) runs approximately 200 miles from Würzburg to Füssen linking 28 scenic historical towns along the way. Moving south towards the Alps we decided a leisurely romantic drive would be preferable to Autobahn tedium and the accompanying wobbles as vans pass our caravan at unrestricted speeds. While the scenery in parts is... Continue Reading →

Washing day

2 weeks into our trip and we're fast running out of warm clothes to wear. The weather hasn't been unkind to us but it hasn't been drying weather. At our last site I fed a pocket full of Euros into the washer and the drier in the hope of trying to keep us going for... Continue Reading →

Happy Caravanning 

As the season starts to take off and sites that have been quiet all winter suddenly wake up. The hustle and bustle of the holidays takes hold of caravanning families across the country.  We have a reasonably sized 'van for the two of us but being inside such a confined space it's important to have... Continue Reading →

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