Washing day

2 weeks into our trip and we’re fast running out of warm clothes to wear. The weather hasn’t been unkind to us but it hasn’t been drying weather. At our last site I fed a pocket full of Euros into the washer and the drier in the hope of trying to keep us going for a few extra days in jeans and jumpers. 

With The Boss not liking taking his wallet out of the mothballs and spending money on the drier again, the first hint of sunshine and I was racing to beat the rest of the site to the solitary washing machine. As I entered the laundry I was pleased to see the machine standing quietly in the corner. At a charge of just €3 and a huge drum I took this as a bargain and decided to wash the lot if we weren’t wearing it. Towels, jumpers, bedding, the lot went in. It does sound an ambitious sized drum doesn’t it? I splashed out and did 2 loads. 

We were quite lean on packing for this trip, 50 days is a long time and with not being able to predict the weather we packed for all eventualities but not much of anything. 2 jeans, 2 jumpers, 2 shorts and loads of vest tops, it’s my age I’m hot even when it’s cold. With the weather being rather inclement this meant we had more or less exhausted the winter wardrobe of all its contents. 

First hint of warm weather and the jeans are in the washer and the shorts are being worn. Summer wardrobe for today, forecast shows that the jeans will be back on tomorrow. 

So much washing means plenty of drying space is needed. Telescopic airer is pegged into the ground. The window arier is in place. I love seeing washing blowing in the wind. I remember my mum saying the best sight was a line full of clean white nappies. 

So, the washing is blowing in the gentle breeze as the sun beats down. Until it’s dry all jobs are done. Go on then, pour me a little glass of something whilst I wait. 

6 thoughts on “Washing day

  1. We try to do without jeans as they take forever to dry and my OH is scroogelike with washers/driers on site too.We found cotton walking trousers with light thermals underneath if it got a bit nippy did the trick. They dry much quicker than jeans 🙂

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    1. Hi Kate, true about the jeans, they fill the washer space quickly too. Luckily, Steve only wears trousers for weddings and funerals, otherwise it’s shorts 365 days a year.


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