Camping in Naumburg, Germany

On the edge of a pretty little town the campsite is opposite a small water park, that in early May was still closed. 

Arriving slightly out of hours, just after 5pm, the wardens buzzed us in and went through the booking in process with us. Once again this site is part of the ACSI discount scheme. €15 deposit paid for the key fob for night time entry and exit to the site, this fob also opens the facilities block after dark and is the means of obtaining hot water in the showers, which are chargeable. 

The toilet cubicles have to be the biggest I have ever seen, very clean and toilet paper of a decent quality is provided. 
With a bathroom designed for people with disabilities and a baby room there are spacious laundry and washing up rooms. The washing machines and driers charge €0.50 per 15 minutes, reception have a stash of change for you to swap and by the look of a cupboard in the corner it appears that washing powder and fabric softener were supplied free of charge. The washing up room also came fitted with hot plates for cooking on. 

Off we went, no allocated pitches, just choose one and set up. No need to inform them either which one you chose. Quite early into the site the layout is open and laid out in terraced cul-de-sacs. We choose one and have it all to ourselves. Fresh water taps seem to be placed, one tap for every six or do pitches. The odd cul-de-sac has one tap per pitch.

There is plenty of space to walk your dog and a small play area for the children complete with boat, car and tight rope. 

A small snack bar and bar are located near the site entrance. As the season is only just starting the bar and snack bar are only open for a few hours on specified evenings. 

The site itself is quite large with the foremost pitches for tourers and the furthest part of the site dedicated to seasonal caravanning. And by seasonal they really know how to do it in style with some wonderful structures and decking built around their ‘vans. 

The site also has the best chemical disposal we have ever come across. It was indoors and complete with hand washing sink, soap and paper towels. 

At €72 for 4 nights using the ACSI discount card this is a site we’d recommend and return to.

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      1. Camping Card ACSI. Remember it is for ‘off season’ and most sites will charge full price in school holidays and summer. So far, we are very happy with the sites we have visited.

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