Caravan Attention and a Special Day

Beautiful sunny skies but still blooming chilly, it’s still March though so not too bad. The security gate beeps in the distance and the Volvo rumbles onto site. I didn’t think we’d be going away again so soon after the last trip but you never know. With the crunch of gravel it slows to a stop right across the front of me. Not the usual position for hitching up, something is afoot. The boot opens and reveals a selection of bits and pieces.

Now is probably a good time to let you know that today is their 30th Wedding anniversary and they’ve come to see me! 

Out of the car come ladders, portable pressure washers, sponges and my carpets. The female took my carpets home to hoover them after our Welsh trip. My blinds are flung open, daylight floods in. My carpets are slotted back into place with threats resounding round the storage yard that if anyone dares make a mess she’ll kill ’em.

Now for a romantic afternoon. Sleeves are rolled up and soapy sponges tickle and scrub at my sides. He does my roof, slowly and methodically moving the ladders around me. This is where he starts to curse. He bought two different portable pressure washers specifically for this job. There’s no water at the storage yard so he’s hoping the two 8 litre washers are sufficient. One stores warm soapy water and works a treat, once he’s mastered the art of reading the instructions and pumping the handle.

The other contains just warm water for rinsing. This one gives more of a trickle than a spray. Not ideal for rinsing. Round and round he goes, his hands are getting cold but he can’t leave me half done. Blooming rinsing water’s run out! Not impressed back in the car and off they drive the one mile home for more water. On their return the light is starting to fade and the temperature is dropping. My skylights are full open and The Boss is wiping round their framework, proper attention to detail.

The female is getting cold now though he’d best be quick. Standing back to admire my sparkly bodywork they seem quite pleased with themselves.

Talk of going out for a meal later to celebrate 30 years of… call it what you want it sounds like the female is deciding where to eat,  The Boss just keeps grunting his usual ‘Yes dear.’ Now to tackle the shower.

On their last trip out they noticed that the sealant on my shower tray had split. With our trip to Europe getting ever closer its a job that he needs to fix, so she seems to be telling him quite regularly. Whilst he’s on his hands and knees in my tiny bathroom re sealing my shower tray, the female sticks the kettle on. 

Shower tray hopefully re sealed, we’ll check it out on their next trip out. 

Now all he has to do is take her out and treat her tonight, 30 years of marriage after all deserves a medal, not sure which one of them deserves it the most though. 

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