Let’s get ready to go away

Waking up on our first morning off work. Caravan time. No rush. We’ve got till Thursday. 

As a rule we try to go away every other week all year round. None of our trips are ever really planned. We may be organised for a longer trip and know where we are going a few weeks in advance. On our normal 2/3 night trips, our ‘ midweek weekends’ we have been known to phone a site whilst on the road. Not organised at all. Most sites are booked in the minutes prior to leaving the house. 

I make lists on my phone whilst I’m packing up from the current trip for things I need to pack for the next trip out. That’s as far as it goes. I forget the list is there and end up either without or with the bits I need. 

On one of our earliest trips out that’s when I decided I needed a caravan box. In the main this box sits empty in the garage. And, as I remember things I put them in the box. Out shopping I’ll remember that we need ketchup, as soon as I get home straight into the box it goes. Anything new we buy, tent pegs, new mugs straight into the box. Any washing I bring home, towels and bedding, the caravan has its own. As soon as it’s washed and dried, straight into the box.  On the day of the trip the box is deposited straight into the boot. Sometimes it’s a nice surprise unpacking it in the caravan as there may be things in there I’d forgotten about. 

Clothes are a different matter. 3 nights, I pull 4 T Shirts out of the wardrobe, always have a spare. Same with underwear, always take spares. Couple of pairs of jeans and the jobs a good’un. I keep I few clothing bits and pieces in the caravan. A couple of hoodies, PJs, you get the idea. 

I spend more time packing my tablets, prescription type not the fruity technology products, charging cables, kindle and laptop. Everything chucked in a small hold-all. Nearly time to go. 

Downstairs as The Boss either tries to book a site or load the car I raid the fridge. I can’t take everything as the cat sitters, otherwise known as adult children, need to eat too whilst we are gone. I bulk cook in advance so I’m able to grab a couple of pre prepared meals out of the freezer, a couple of chilli’s, curries, whatever I’ve made and whatever I fancy. Almost there. A quick glance round, grabbing things that might go off that the cat sitters won’t eat. 

30 minutes from deciding to go away and we’re off. 10 minutes down the road, blast I forgot to pack the…

4 thoughts on “Let’s get ready to go away

  1. I too have a caravan cupboard .It used to be the airing cupboard but water tank has now been removed.This is where we put anything and everything relating to the caravan ready for the next trip.Water steriliser new water filters blue and pink stuff for the loo any empty small jars or bottles that will come in handy for pickles jams etc any new gadgets towels bath mats bed linen quilts which are packed in those bags that you hoover the air out of to save space and before we repack the van I go through the things we have accumulated and to date haven’t forgotten anything!

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  2. When we had adult children still living here, we had to take anything fresh they wouldn’t eat. The times we returned to find mouldy fruit and veg. We also have a couple of boxes for restocking the van. And one for Marks shoes. 🙄

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