Thumbelina goes to Brighton 

Thumbelina was bought for me by a very dear work friend for my 50th birthday. Our first trip out this year and I thought it only fair to let her tell you how her holiday was. 

My first holiday away! They’ve taken me to their caravan, I’ve got my own seat by the big front window too. It’s January, maybe the folk that I now own are mad, it’s freezing!  They stick the car on the front of the caravan and off we go. Bit bumpy sitting by the window but the sunshine streaming through the window starts to melt the frost and warm things up a bit. 

Only a couple of hours later we are pulling into Brighton Caravan Club Site. Seems nice enough. I wish they’d hurry up and choose a pitch then they can put the heating on it’s blooming freezing in here. 
My people seem nice enough, she calls him The Boss, I’ve not owned them for very long but even I know who’s boss around here. 

They put their coats on, rucksack is packed with a few bits and pieces. I’m surprised as I’m grasped and stowed safely in a side pocket. We’re going out for the day. We walk down to the marina. Boat masts clang in the sea breeze. Quick photo shoot before heading down the undercliff walk towards Rottingdean. 

Pub stop, my first taste of beer, not bad.  She starts moaning as they head back towards Brighton on the cliff walk this time. Her legs are hurting and she’s cold. I’m snug as a bug in my rucksack pocket. 

One of our evenings in was spent sampling one of The Boss’ Christmas presents. It seemed to go down well with my folk. Not much left at the end of the evening. 

We drove out to Newnhaven one cold and frosty, foggy afternoon. The fog didn’t lift all day and it was hard to appreciate beautiful seaviews when you could only see 20 foot in front of your face. 

They were all wrapped up, coats, hats and gloves complaining that they were cold. I was too busy enjoying my day out in my little pink summer dress to worry about the weather.

One particular trip out I did enjoy was tea at Frankie and Bennies down in the marina in Brighton. In we went, table for 2? Really there’s 3 of us! Never mind they seem to know what they are doing I’ll leave them to it. They recently downloaded the app for the restaurant and got all giddy about money off vouchers and discounts they got. This’d better be good. Well dough balls, chicken and ribs and I’m stuffed. Now pass me the dessert menu. 

A trip down to the front where we rode the i360. Amazing ride up into the skies above Brighton. Whilst we were high in the clouds we could see the fog starting to roll in on the sea. We were enjoying the stunning views that much that we only took a few photos and forgot to get one of me! Daft ha’p’orths!

Right, I’ve had a busy few days. I think I’m going to enjoy living in the caravan and going out and about with my new folk. They have been out and treated themselves to a new mattress and pillows, only one thing left. I think I need to test them out. Time for a snooze. 

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