Brighton Pier Murmuration

You can’t beat a free of charge tourist attraction, and Brighton Pier shared a stunning one with us tonight. We have been to Brighton on numerous occasions but had no idea of this daily winter phenomenon as dusk presents a Starling spectacular. 

Apparently numbers have dropped in recent years so you may want to catch this show before too many more years pass by. Tens of thousands of Starlings from places as far away as Scandinavia, Poland, Russia join their UK cousins (or the bird world equivalent to cousins) roosting each night beneath Brighton Pier. The daily show starts as the birds return from  all across Sussex and the South Downs like squadrons merging to form one solid mass of dancing shapes and shadows.

As the show draws to a close and the late arrivals are still diving under the pier to roost it is worth a walk along the pier to hear the birds just inches beneath your feet for the whole length of the pier.

Apologies for the poor quality pictures, better to see this with you own eyes, however, you can also find some well captured videos on YouTube if you want a second opinion.

2 thoughts on “Brighton Pier Murmuration

    1. Thanks for the ‘heads up’ Dawn … We missed it yesterday due to thick sea fog and were probably ten minutes too late today but what we did see was still impressive.


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