Happy to be the age we are

If you could go back to any age in your life what would you choose? The ‘other half’ has just asked. We thrive on this type of nonsense question as it tends to open up an interesting dialogue. I think about this for a second and immediately decide I wouldn’t go back to any day before today, before the thoughts leave my mouth in the form of a response ‘t’other half’ declares “I wouldn’t go back”. We are aligned. Life is good ..

It is interesting, but we have always looked optimistically forward whilst enjoying all the memories of the past … yet the present always seems tougher. That is because tough things in the past form the funny stories of tomorrow, become fond memories of loved ones or demonstrate resilience over adversity. In the present, the car needs fixing, the boiler has broken, the dog has been run over by a steam roller (just examples … not real) and the daily 9-5 has to be done to pay the bills. If you enjoy your job, ie. you would be as happy there than at home, you are truly blessed and could be excused for stopping the ‘age clock’. For the rest of us, we look forward, and who imagines broken down cars, boilers and squashed dogs when they daydream their future plans?  No, thought not, because the future is going to be rosey, and I won’t hear you tell me any different.

None of this represents any disappointment or regret with the past, we do love to reminisce, but potential only lies in the future. One example is your children, who will be high on many parents lists of past memories. There are people who will openly state, and genuinely, that they never want their babies to stop being babies, whilst understanding the sentiment, to actually desire this seems somewhat selfish on the part of a parent, do you want to cuddle a baby or develop a life? Not us, we always looked for the next stage, sleeping through, putting own dummy back in, crawling, walking, talking, paying keep (sorry, getting ahead of myself), first day of school, reading, big school, driving, drinking (not at same time as previous one), University, jobs, paying keep (finally), fledging the nest, families. Enjoy today, savour that cuddle, but the future is going to be great.

So as ‘t’other half agrees with my half, as a ‘whole’ we are agreed, happy to be the age we are.

What age would you go back to?

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