Our New Home is …

Training is done and dusted. I’ve come away knackered. It’s a long time since I sat in a classroom, I don’t know how kids do it, although, maybe I do, their learning days are shorter than ours were.

We’re now armed and ready for the season. I’ve driven a tractor and a ride on lawn mower, lots more practice needed but at least I’ve got an idea of how things work.

We’ve arrived on site, sited the caravan, taken a day and a half to put the enormous awning up and making it comfy cosy inside. Pretty lights are up and the carpet is down. The tablecloth is on, my mum will never believe I’ve got a tablecloth. The heating is on, minus 5°C outside, we’ve just settled down with a glass of wine to enjoy our final evening, our first shift tomorrow. The Siberian Blast is fast approaching as the season starts.

Who knows, if you’re visiting the Caravan and Motorhome Club Centenary Site in the New Forest, you may see us.

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  1. Good to see you were able to set up before the blizzards arrive. Looks like your first week will certainly be a baptism of ..snow.

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  2. Good luck to you on your first shift – hope you remember all the training 🙂 Great site to work on. May see you this year as we love cycling at the New Forest.

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  3. We’ve never met, but my husband, Martin and I (sounds posh doesn’t it!!) have been following your exploits for quite some time. Good luck in your new jobs it’ll probably be hard work but I should think a lot of fun as well.

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  4. Hope you have not had too much of the snow down there and that you are managing to keep nice and toasty warm in the caravan (when you finally stop working!!). Glad the first day went well. Get the Luddy Hubby to rub in some muscle gel 🙂

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  5. Glad to see you’ve achieved your plan. Been following your blog with interest. When we met at Nattersee last year in May you mentioned you were thinking of becoming wardens. Impressed how fast you’ve achieved it.
    Martin & Helen (the people from Stockport!)

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    1. Hi, wow, thanks for getting in touch. Would you believe we met two Stockport couples at Natterer See. Where you on Lake Side near us or on opposite side with the mountain view? Baptism of snow this week. Opening to public tomorrow.


    1. Yes, remember you well, we discussed train timetables for Venice. We actually rode our Tandem onto the site you were on near Sirmione looking for you, with no luck. The whole trip was amazing and has even ended up as a book!!


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