A New Job and The Caravan Joins Us 

Summer 2017. A quick twenty minute process on the PC, the finger hovers momentarily, then, we hit the ‘send’ button.


Twenty years ago, balmy summer evenings sat outside our frame tents, or on the cooler evenings in a tent, in various parts of the UK with our oldest and dearest friends, Mags and Oniss. Kids tucked up in sleeping bags, gently slumbering on airbeds that would slowly deflate during the night, we’d sit outside, wrapped in blankets in April or watching the shooting stars in August. Disposable BBQs, cooked upon, with the heat slowly fading strategically placed under deck chairs for extra warmth. Wine glass in hand, contemplating the meaning of life and putting the world to rights. We’d often talk and dream about winning the lottery or inheriting money from an unknown great uncle Bill. We’d buy and run a camp site. We knew what we liked. We talked to people and knew everyone wanted something different. Back in the day, caravans weren’t even a dim and distant glimmer. They were a different set of holiday makers. They didn’t rough it. They holidayed in style. They talked about how relaxing it was listening to the rain on the canvas. We lay listening, wondering if the canvas would eventually give in to the elements. Would we get up for a wee in the night to find that our ground sheet had given up the ghost as the water seeped through around our feet.

The ‘send’ button had now set the wheels in motion and very specifically in the direction of the Caravan and Motorhome Club head office. If we can’t buy our own campsite, then why not help run one, Assistant Warden applications submitted.

In the context of ‘pursuing the dream’ to travel more and work less this decision has been long and seriously considered. We don’t view this as a change of plan but more of an interesting and very much complimentary diversion route to the same end. Financially, we are not yet ready to retire and it was never going to be before we hit 55 at best… so a few more years to go. More importantly, we owe it to ourselves to enjoy our work, working with, and especially ‘for’ people who enjoy the lifestyle of leisure travel.


We have been quietly and subtly researching the caravan site Warden role for a couple of years now, observing a genuine enjoyment in what they do, though, we are under no illusions over a hundred departures and arrivals on a manic summers day won’t bring its own kind of stress. The additional advice and support of Wardens we have met on sites or through social media in this time has been both helpful and very much appreciated.

Interviews took place in October, to which a verbal ‘thumbs up’ was delivered by phone call a couple of weeks later. Then it was time to wait for the all important site allocation and contracts. This arrived in the days just before Christmas and we were finally able to issue notices on our current employers.


An end to our travels? Well, yes, for the length of a site season. The long winter break will, however, provide extended tour possibilities now that our 50 days in Europe has given us the taste for touring. Having the caravan awning set up for a full season will prevent any quick ‘getaways’. This presents an opportunity discussed in a recent blog, the Campervan… Not that we have one!! We are actively looking to downsize the house in the next twelve months and a DIY Campervan conversion is part of that plan. It won’t help us in the first year but may play its part if they are happy enough to continue employing us in the following years.

At this point we are unsure how the blog will follow this diversion on our journey. We have no intention to write about our jobs or about people we encounter whilst in employment. It has already been done very well before, nor would we ever wish to cause offence or risk venturing into unprofessional grounds. We will continue to write about the general lifestyle, our non working adventures and provide updates to ‘our dream’.

Wish us well and wish us luck. We start in February 2018 somewhere in the south of the country. We will still be writing our stuff but it may not be travelling your way quite so often as it did before…

… but first, two weeks in Lanzarote, think we will need this holiday… a long while before the next one.

50 thoughts on “A New Job and The Caravan Joins Us 

  1. Congratulations on finding a job that suits your interests. I’m sure you’ll find lots of things to write about – things that inspire your own dreams of adventure, dream caravans you come across, and interesting characters with great stories to tell. A lot of people will be happy for you to feature part of their lives on your blog.

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  2. Congratulations on the new job 🙂

    You will have to maybe let us know which one you are at, maybe we could make a visit 😉

    Keep up the good work,



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  3. Many many congratulations! For the record, I am never entirely convinced by people who have their Great Life Plan all mapped out in an alarmingly straight line. Most of us stumble through life as best we can with all sorts of twists and turns, set backs and lucky breaks. This new chapter for you both looks fun, challenging and who knows where it will lead? All the very best. Might you be at the NEC next month? Am there Tuesday, Weds and Friday.

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  4. Congratulations! I’m sure you’ll make great assistant wardens and have a wonderful time and I love how you have thought this out as part of your dream. New jobs and downsizing plans as well as winter travelling … It will be a busy year. I’ll enjoy following your journey.

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  5. Congratulations on realising the dream.I wish you every success in the future and look forward to more blogs.I’ll be following your journey and adventures. Meanwhile have a lovely holiday and as the scout motto went “Be prepared”

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  6. Well done and congratulations on big decisions and not being afraid to alter course Deb and Steve. Going to be a really exciting and challenging year ahead for you. But lots of new opportunities too I am sure. Just keep blogging about them to! And keep tandeming as well – could be a novel way for the pair of you to do your rounds in new role! Best of luck!

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    1. Thanks Colin, it will definitely increase our Tandem time, but we won’t go so far as painting it in club colours and doing the bin run with it. Will let you know where we go.

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  7. Congratulations to you both. As you say, it will be a different kind of stress with different hours, meeting lots of people. Hope you enjoy it! May even see you as we use a lot of the Southern CAMC sites during the year. Looking forward to hearing where you will be. Enjoy Lanzarote!
    Best wishes to you both.

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  8. Hi just discovered your blog so please don’t disappear. Congratulations on the new job it sounds ideal for your transition. We are Yorkshire new motorhomers 50% early retired. Have a great holiday to recharge your batteries. Looking forward to hearing where you are going and your new adventures K xXx

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    1. Hi Karen, if you are from Yorkshire don’t read our Wet Wet Wet blog, a few jibes from us Lancashire folk. We are not disappearing yet, just need to work out how the blog fits around the new role.

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  9. Hi there. We’ve been reading your blog this evening with a smile on our faces as we think your life is remarkably similar to ours! We too (two) are also of a certain and special age and have also both given up our former careers for a new life as site Wardens surrounded by holiday makers. Hopefully meet you on the training field! Good luck and fair weather to all us new kids on the block!

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    1. Hi Pete and Jen, thanks for commenting, without giving away the location we are training in Southern area back end of February, if you are there it would be great to meet up.


    1. Many thanks, we talked at length with some bloke called Eric at Burrs Country Park about 18 months ago, he looked so relaxed and happy, even though somebody called Shazza kept trying to contact him on his Walky-Talky. We’ve read their blog ever since, you should look them up.

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  10. Congratulations, I am made up for you! I am all for living the dream. You have taken a brave first step towards your goal. There really is something to be said for not throwing all the cards in the air at once; we stepped down gently. I took a part time job and we learnt to live without my salary for a few years before we took the plunge into the financial abyss of early retirement!

    I wish you every success and have no doubt that you will be FABULOUS!

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  11. Congratulation on your career change. Our caravan adventure started 2 and a bit years ago but we often dream of having a site that has ‘something different’! Just waiting for the numbers to come up!! Love your blog and will keep reading it wherever you are, nice to find people who think like us and have a similar sense of humour!! Good luck with your training week and with the new job, you’ll be great!!

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  12. Wowsers. Congratulations and good luck on your new job. Enjoy your holiday, I always believe it’s good to take a break before moving onto pastures new. I’m sure you’ll make cracking wardens.

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      1. We’re staying in Costa Teguise. Had a shower of rain this afternoon. Last week there was no escaping the wind. It’s swim wear at one time and a winter coat the other. 🙂

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      2. There’s this bar called The Irish Bailey, lots of other bars on that side of the boulevard as well. In front of The Irish Bailey at 9PM ?

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      3. In that case we could meet in front of Spar supermarket at Calle las Acacias. Some bars nearby. At day time we are en route, so we can meet a bit earlier but we prefer not earlier then 8PM. How about you?

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