Our Vinyl Release

Could you part with your vinyl record collection? Probably the first blog we noticed about full-time travelling in a motorhome was 'Eric and Shazza''Big Momma's Great Adventure' whereby Eric, who we briefly met in his role of Caravan Club Site warden, realised he needed to clear out his, quote .." tat  cherished possessions" before embarking on... Continue Reading →

And Breathe…

We are a northern couple, who for the last 10 years have been living down south in Hampshire.  Working for a big corporate company, promotion meant we upped sticks and moved from our native town of Bolton to rural Hampshire with our two teenage girls. Fast forward 8 years and holiday planning for the summer... Continue Reading →

Maiden Voyage

The day had finally arrived! Bound for Setthorns Campsite in the New Forest our first trip out for our new van. Even the misty November rain can’t dull my excitement. The rain had stopped on arrival and we were greeted by very cheery wardens. Despite the weather and time of year the site was still... Continue Reading →

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