What will the summer of 2019 bring? Cracking the flags wall to wall sunshine, or gloomy grey days with wind and rain. 

Harping back to the 70s, summers seemed long with endless days. Warmth from early morning to bedtime. Playing out till we either got hungry or night time started to fall. Those endless summer days seem so long ago. Where the summers of the 70s really like that or am I remembering them through rose tinted sunglasses. 
Where our children’s summers as sun kissed as our childhood summers? We didn’t wear sun cream as children because it didn’t really exist and our Mums used Olive Oil to get a better tan. Our children didn’t really wear sunscreen, not that often anyway because sun didn’t seem to shine as it did when we were kids. I remember joking with other mums that school holidays generally meant a downward turn in the weather. Indoor games and entertaining were the order of the 90s. Our need for a little bit of sunshine took us abroad on the odd occasion. Giving our children the opportunity of running and playing in the sun. We craved the nicer, balmier days of summers long ago. 

To the present time, as we get more trips away in the caravan, the summer of 2015 was bettered by the summer of 2016. Days of barbecues outside the caravan, sitting outside late into the evening with a cheeky glass of something watching the world settle. Sleeping with the caravan windows open under a sheet rather than the quilt. Breakfast in the awning with the sides rolled up. Gently tilting your chair back snatching a quick forty winks mid afternoon. So whilst the sun is shining down on us before Easter, will it continue to shine? Let’s hope so. The memories or 2018 for us leave us hoping that 2019 may be better. 

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