Quirky Front Doors

I’ve had a ‘thing’ for pretty front doors for a long time. It all started when I realised that we had actually been living in the house of my dreams for a few years and took a photo of our own front door, just to remind me in the future of how lucky I’ve been to have lived there.

Over the years my camera roll has been slowly filling up with front doors from here there and everywhere that I’ve quickly snapped. Whilst Europe may have some amazing front doors i found classic British front doors are just as fascinating.

The caravan has taken us out and about into villages and towns here and abroad capturing old, new, magical and heavenly front doors.

Doors are the entrance and exit into and out of peoples lives. Doors so old they could tell a story or two. I love a trip out on the tandem or a mooch around a town or village door spotting.

Whilst snapping the shutter quickly on the camera capturing the natural beauty of a door, take a moment to think of the footfall over the threshold over the years.

The threshold of a door, stepping over a threshold and into someone else’s life but what is a threshold? A threshold is a piece of wood or stone that generally sits underneath the door. My grandad always told us that way back in the olden days when the world was black and white, they didn’t have carpet, to add a little warmth and soak up any mess from animals that would have shared the house with a family, thresh, hay or reeds, would’ve been laid on the floor, the threshold was to stop the thresh from slipping out of the house. Useless bit of Grandad information thrown in for free for you there.

Now here is a door that I love, the door to my happy place.

Door furniture also makes me a bit giddy. Whilst my door is a bit too modern for some of the gubbins that I see and like, I also love a good knocker. A trip to Woodstock provided me with a plethora of unique door knockers.

Door Knockers of Woodstock

7 thoughts on “Quirky Front Doors

  1. It’s so good to know that I’m not the only one who loves front doors and their knockers. There was a beautiful door on Escape To The Chateau this week, I felt quite envious.

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  2. Reblogged this on Author -Carole Parkes and commented:
    What a fascinating blog post. As a girl, until I was sixteen (1950s), I lived in an old house with an unusual door bell, not a knocker. Your photo of number 11 reminded me of it because our house was number 11 too. Our door bell was similar to the picture but ours was a Lion’s head and the tongue could be pulled out to ring the bell. I loved that door feature.

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