Here We Go! Wagons Roll!

June was a bonkers month. We sold our house way back in January whilst lazing in the sun in Lanzarote. We returned bronzed and refreshed, ready for work hoping that our house move was imminent. Covid19 put paid to that plan. Three months on furlough, in lockdown on site and just as Boris starts easing restrictions it’s all systems go, time to pack the house up and move.

On returning home, we realised what a mammoth task this was going to be.

Fortunately, we had started packing before we left for site, but that didn’t really dent the surface. Amidst a mountain of boxes and parcel tape, bubble wrap and newspaper, the big day came and we bundled our entire life into the back of a van.

I locked the door behind us, it’s been a lovely home for the last 14 years, but now it’s time for a new chapter. For approximately 2 hours we camped in Jellybean number 1’s garden with a bag of chips each, homeless, whilst we waited for that phone call announcing that the purchase had gone through and that our keys to our new home were waiting for us, more importantly, we were mortgage free … cue Trumpets and a drum roll.

Keys held in my sweaty palms, I had the pleasure of opening our new front door. The smell of fresh paint and new carpet is always a good start. Now the hard work begins. Squishing a 5 bedroom house into a 3 bed. The Boss assures me it will fit, of course once again, he was right. Well, he was right after selling multiple items on a local selling site and a quick trip to the tip.

Working relentlessly for a week, squishing huge settees through spaces far too small and the house is ship shape and Bristol fashion and it’s time to leave Jellybean number 2 and her boyfriend to care for and enjoy our new home, whilst we hit the road and head back to work.

The 4th July is thundering towards us faster than the speed of light. The site is a whirlwind of paintbrushes, strimmers, mowers, pitch pegs, leaf blowers and a mountain of cleaning products. People to call to arrange bookings. Bins to put back out. Ten hour days with a quick butty snatched somewhere early afternoon and by the end of the day falling, exhausted and aching into bed only to wake after what felt like 10 minutes to the sound of the alarm.

Time to get up and start again. It’s surprising really, looking back we seemed to be making more mess than we were trying to tidy but then all of a sudden it starts to take shape and three months of furlough neglect, starts taking shape. The grass stands to attention, the weeds are hiding their heads in shame, (well the ones that I missed pulling out!) the bins are sparkling, windows are gleaming and we are exhausted. In less than 12 hours, our first guests will start to arrive and we’re ready for them. We’ve had the site to ourselves for 3 whole months, it’s a little bit greedy, its time we shared it again. An experience I’ll never forget and not one that many people will ever experience. Looking back we were extremely lucky to be able to isolate here, for one last evening, it’s ours. Tomorrow we hand it back to the holidaymakers – Enjoy and stay safe.

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  1. Congratulations on your new house purchase and being mortgage free – well done! Hope yesterday was not too manic and that the opening of the site was stress free. Take care of yourselves and hope you are not too exhausted! XX

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