Easter in Lockdown

Easter came and went in a flurry of rabbits, pheasants, pigeons and bucket loads of sunshine. What should have been our busiest weekend of the season turned out just to be like any other day at the moment, no sign of the Easter Bunny either, he must’ve seen the sign on the locked gates and thought we’d all gone home. This year we are fortunate enough to be in accommodation on site with the van parked on the drive round the back.

My caravan is my happy place and being in accommodation means I’ve missed my caravan time so far this season. Armed with tea and coffee I head in there and decide to make it a little bit more welcoming for the occasional visit. Fridge switched on, everything put away and set up ready for use, not quite set up like it would be on site, but the cups are in the cupboard and the aqua roll and waste master are out of the way. My front window looks at the compound gates but the view through my side window isn’t bad.

Cup of tea in hand, feet up and an Eccles cake the size of my head, slathered in best butter. I think the butter on an Eccles cake might be a Bolton thing, it’s how my grandma and grandad ate them, so it’s how I eat them. I switch my kindle on, time to choose a book. I get the feeling I’m going to get through a good few books in this next few weeks.

The weather is glorious outside, a couple of laps of the site on foot and then on the bikes, soaking up the sunshine. Trying hard to stay active whilst in lockdown, although it’s easier to just sit in the caravan. The site should be buzzing with life, the laughter and chatter, smell of barbecues with the steam train shunting away in the background. Instead, the sound of nature has taken over. Since when were birds so noisy?

Pottering in and out of the caravan over the weekend meant we got a few jobs done. It was treated to its own spa weekend, scrubbed outside from top to bottom. It’s not been cleaned since we left Longleat so it was well overdue. The roof was threatening to cave in under the weight of tree sap, still sited under trees, so it won’t be long before it needs a scrub again.

The bathroom sparkled under a sheen of glass polish, bathroom cleaner and a splash of Fresh Linen Zoflora. Bathroom cupboard emptied and re organised. It’s amazing how many beautiful creams you collect over the years and sun creams from an age gone by.

We even treated ourselves to tea in the caravan over the weekend. We couldn’t do a takeaway so we snaffled pizza, drizzled in honey, whilst contemplating what to do with the next few dozen days.

2 thoughts on “Easter in Lockdown

  1. My kids were lucky – round where we live, the Easter Bunny was allowed out of Lockdown, as they had Special Eggs-emption !! 🙂
    Not heard of Eccles cakes with butter – most unusual, but I feel that I need to try it now. Not heard of honey on pizza either. Any flavour pizza or a specific one?
    Good to hear that the caravan is looking sparkling. Love the sign you have in your shower room. Great. My caravan has not got dirty as it has remained under the carport since we saw you at Longleat last October half term.
    I am lucky that I can work at home, and hear loads of birds too (no traffic or planes noise I suppose) so can only sympathise with the situation you are in, but rest assured we are thinking of you, and can’t wait to be allowed out to come and visit – most likely it will be October again, but let us know if you are not going to be there then and we will try and get over earlier. Love to you both. XX

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