Lockdown Day 2 – Staying Healthy, Getting Healthy

The skies are blue again as I tuck into my cereal and yoghurt, minus fruit, we still haven’t been able to go shopping. The road outside the site still seems to have a constant hum of traffic, where is everyone going!

Into the office, first cuppa of the day. Strong builder’s for me with a bomb please. Must be starting to go a bit stir crazy, it’s not 9am yet and despite promising to curb my vulgar sense of humour, a one liner slips out. I sit, blushing, can’t believe I’ve let myself down. Oh well, my new family will soon get used to me and my one liners.

Bit of Health and Safety this morning, I head out onto site armed with paint and a brush. Time to breathe some life into the safety markings on the steps on site. Ken Bruce, blaring out of my pocket, announces he’s now working from home. Just keep the tunes and the humour coming Ken. Legs and sleeves of my boiler suit rolled up for maximum vitamin D absorption, I crack on. Starting at the top and working my way down the steps on my bum, my little legs extended as far as they’ll go, in the hope of topping the tan up. It is also at this point I realise my ever so little legs could do with a shave. Oh no! How embarrassing, seeing as I wear shorts to work, ah who cares there’s no one here to see me.

The sun is really warm and the birds are singing. Makes you wonder if they’ve noticed a change in the world, What are they saying to each other? Then my peace is shattered, the noisy assistant site manager, also known as The Boss, my other half, comes thundering round the corner on the mower. I am now unable to hear the radio at all. I speed up, finish the job and find something else to paint, miles away from him, never mind a 2 metre gap. I want to listen to Pop Master in peace.

After a spot of lunch, I try to get hold of my local chemist. I need a prescription and can’t get home to pick it up from my local one. Get a code they said, we’ll forward an electronic one across. Not so easy after much tutting from one pharmacy, the code is given and I’ve now got to keep hitting redial in the hope of getting through to the other pharmacy. Why are things so difficult? “We are busy you know”, I get told.

Back in the sunshine to scrub a bin bay and a chemical disposal point, oh to think I used to wear high heels and a frock and put my face on for work, how times have changed. After a morning of tractor mowing and hand mowing, The Boss, and his Boss, start lopping and sawing overhanging tree branches. He is desperate for the site to open again as this closure malarkey is knackering.

Another day of graft ends. We need supplies and consider leaving site for the first time in over a week, but put that plan aside until tomorrow. It may prove difficult when we do, people have started to park cars across our closed gates, inconsiderate at the best of times, but why are they out anyway?

Plan B. Yesterday’s tandem ride was quite exhilarating, I suggest I’d like to ride my own ‘solo’ bike tonight, which means The Boss had more cobwebs to brush off. It gave him the chance to blast around on his bike too, he says he’s took the 5mph signs down now so we can be rebels. If we had been open I doubt we would be riding our bikes after work, but the draw of traffic free tarmac in beautiful surroundings is too good to pass up, we are safe and having fun with our own little bit of silver lining.

Not the most adventurous journey map tho …

Tea was a less than an attractive affair, but damn tasty. Middle Eastern grains, picked up from Lidl by mistake (it was the only thing left on the shelf that looked like rice) with last nights left over fajita meat and veg, pan fried Quesadilla style. Make do and mend.

The day ends with a beautiful sunset across the car park. Bosh! Day 2 of lockdown done!

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