Our New Home for 2020 is…

I haven’t slept a wink, I think I’ve seen every hour of the night. My brain buzzing is with a list of things to do. It’s been like sitting at a computer with a thousand tabs open and unable to close any of them down. Tabs open for things I need to pack, sort, put away. Tabs for, will I remember how to do this and that at work… 4 months is a long time to have off. Finally at 6.30am, when I could probably drop off and sleep for a week, I crawl out of bed and into the bathroom.

Our house resembles a caravan accessory shop. Piles of stuff here and there all to be taken with us. Whilst the caravan will transport the aqua roll and the waste master, I’m hoping that the cavernous boot of The Volvo will greedily swallow up all the belongings I’m going to need for the next 8 months on site. I think I’m taking everything but the kitchen sink. Everything squished in and were ready for the off. About half an hour after the heavens opened. As we drive to storage it’s chucking it down. By the time we’ve hitched up and filled the fridge, we look like we’ve had a shower. So much for me getting up early and doing my hair, I now resemble a drowned rat.

The Volvo handles the roads well in the biblical down pour. Waves resembling those from Hokusai’s Wave engulf the roads. The window wipers can’t keep up. Normally we wouldn’t tow in weather like this but needs must, work calls.

The A34 was closed and we sat watching rain pour down the windscreen for an hour whilst traffic filtered slowly off at the next junction. The M4 pointed us in the direction of our new home. As the traffic started to flow, the clouds lifted, the rain stopped and whilst the sun didn’t shine on our arrival at site, it did brighten up.

Arriving a little later than expected, we turn into site and ease my aching hips into an upright position, I fall out of the car. We’ve made it, we’re finally here. We let our belongings fall out of the car and into our new home. This season, we’ve got accommodation, the caravan is going to be mainly used for midweek weekends away. Here in the Cotswolds there are loads of sites close by for us to visit. Time to settle in.

Recognise this place?

Best get the boots on and do some work.

Our new home for the season of 2020 is… (drumroll!). Broadway in the Cotswolds. If you find yourselves heading our way, don’t forget to say hello.

12 thoughts on “Our New Home for 2020 is…

  1. Oh what a shame ……we were there in February…….I have been following your blog & so we will have to book another weekend so we can meet the blogger.!!

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  2. Have a good season 👍 We have just finished our ‘Refresher Training’ at Castleton, now got 3 weeks to wend our way back to Devon and open up our site.

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