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Sat here in Lanzarote, it’s just gone 6pm and I’m tuned into my local radio station from home, Wey Valley radio. Andy and Sarah introduce the Doobie Brothers as the Sunday Magazine show begins. Chopping some fruit for the sangria, Bluetooth speaker in position. Time to listen in.

It’s been a while since we published ‘the book’, Christmas 2017 to be exact. Solely printed as a Christmas present for my Mum. Mum is a complete technophobe, she has a smart phone, because that’s what Dad got her. It has never accessed the internet or played a song. It has no idea that Google is somewhere deep inside its belly waiting to be used. It is, just what it says on the tin, a phone. It receives calls, Mum hardly ever makes a call and it receives texts. It seems it is only capable of one or two word replies, sometimes you get a garbled sentence and have to pick out the basic meaning. Hence, when we did our trip for our 50th birthdays in our caravan and blogged our way around Europe, Mum had no idea where we were or what we were up to. Gone are the days of postcards, social media soon banished them to the collectors.

Tweets started appearing from a caravanning Twitter friend, Sarah, from places I recognised. It turns out she lives in the next town to us. I love meeting up with my virtual buddies from Twitter and a meet up and cuppa was arranged for our next trip home.

Fast forward a week or so and we’re in the sun waiting for Sarah and Andy’s Sunday Magazine show. Lots of messages back and forwards since we met up and chewed the fat over a cuppa. She is going to review my book on the show, bonkers really for a book that was never intended to exist beyond Mum’s copy. A new addition to the show is Terry Marsh (on Twitter as @WallysWalk1) a poet, raising funds for dementia, who will write a poem weekly for a given relevant topic. This week the poem is for me! Thank you so much. We loved hearing Sarah read it out in her best M&S voice. For those of you that didn’t hear it, here it is!

This poem is dedicated to Mavis, Emily, Alice and Oscar the cat:

Deb and Steve wanted some fun so got drunk, made a plan

They told their bosses they were sick, left in their caravan

The British way, get up at dawn, we need to leave quite early

They stopped at the services on the way, paid £5 for a Curly Wurly

On the A2 they cruised along dreaming of life Alfresco

They’d saved their club points for a rainy-day courtesy of Tesco

Of course, they turned up too early for their channel crossing

They reflected what they’d leave behind like Shrove Tuesday pancake tossing

6 hours later on the road dreaming of a Paris dance

Of course, Steve doesn’t need a map, he turned left just by chance

By now quite lost, Steve stopped the car needing to rub his muscles

He saw a sign just straight ahead, they were 2 miles from Brussels!

The start was a catastrophe, but the rest was just pure heaven

50 days across Europe, countries visited make 7

In the hills of Italy, it could be San Francisco

Deb and Steve in Lake Garda hitting every disco

The next detail I’ll keep quite brief as it could be quite shocking

50 days of making love the caravan was rocking

Home at last with memories and smiling on reflection

The 2 of them were still in love and sharing their affection

By the way, just in case you fancy tuning in between 6pm & 7pm on a Sunday, Andy has the perfect radio voice.

Please find below a link to our book and a link to Wey Valley Radio

50 days in Europe

Wey Valley Radio

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