The Last Time…

With just over a week left in our season of working at Longleat CAMC Site I’ve started to realise that this is also the start of a week of ‘the last time’ that we’ll do certain things here. Sad times, but also exciting times, looking forward to our winter off work and time to recharge and look forward to our next season…

Tonight after a particularly wet and windy day of working, we finished our shift early afternoon and decided that winter was here and we desperately needed comfort food. After a little nap, I love my sleep and a comfy bed, we headed to The White Hart in Corsley, home of the Yorkshire Slider and Yorkshire Burrito. The rain hammers on the windows as a steaming plate of loveliness is placed in front of us. The Yorkshire Burrito. The ‘last time’ we’ll visit The White Hart and savour the wonders of Yorkshire in Wiltshire.

One last trip home with a car load of stuff to make our final drive out that bit lighter and a bit of Jellybean time. Another ‘last’ on our way back to site after the quick trip home, for family time in London watching Les Miserables a trip to Asda. Trying to eat the contents of the freezer and create culinary delights with the bits and pieces of fridge gravel isn’t that easy, so a final trip to Asda for a couple of basic staples that will hopefully go towards mish mash teas and a couple of bottles to get us through to the end.

Our last chippy tea, our last busy weekend, our last full morning toilet cleaning. Ok, so maybe I’m pushing it now, I won’t miss a full morning of cleaning toilets. Our last trip into Frome and a visit to the Independent Traders Market for one last time. Drinking in the eccentricity of the place and should I have bought that handbag? Probably, but the handle was a bit too short. Did we choose the right lunch, with so much choice?

One last goodbye with certain regulars as they leave site, members we may or may not see again, but have been lovely people to have on site during our season. The last time I’ll use my steamer, stick it back in it’s box ready for storing. What else can I start to pack away? My last breakfast, I only ever eat breakfast on work days, I’m not much of a morning person and breakfast is my least favourite meal of the day.

One last time watching one of Longleat’s spectacular firework displays. Standing in the drizzle outside the office door oohing as they whirr, pop and bang.

One last walk round site in our uniform. One last evening off. One last day off. One last busy Friday. A week of ‘lasts’ that has flown by. I’d planned on doing all sorts in preparation for our drive out day, in reality I’ve done nowt. One last early morning alarm clock. One last time pulling on the uniform and lacing up the boots. One last day… we can do this.

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13 thoughts on “The Last Time…

  1. Great read all season Deb I’m sure all your blogs will help us prepare for our first season hope you enjoy reading our blog as wardens as much as we have done reading yours enjoy your time off regards steve /sal

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  2. One last time this year we will see you!! Was great to catch up and stand and be soaked watching the fireworks. Needed Steve’s orange coat….
    Looking forward to the next time at the new site. Safe journeys and enjoy your break from the toilets 🙂

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  3. Enjoy you’re break and holidayDebs and Steve.
    Lots of firsts to now look forward to at your next site. 😊

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