Jellybeans and Guy Ropes, a new Generation

Going back to our guy rope and tent peg days are a fond but dim and distant memory. Memories of holidays we could barely afford under canvas, we camped in all weathers even snow, with two young children. Even back in those days we used it as a way of meeting up with friends. A sense of adventure and the great outdoors. It gave our Jellybeans a freedom they didn’t have at home, time to explore, time to play out. This is a lovely and emotional recount, their recount, of how they viewed our camping trips. It’s now their turn, the second generation of Ludford campers is evolving. Tents for now, maybe caravans in the future, who knows.

Have a read, give them a like and maybe a follow. Click the link Below to hear their side of how the story started.

Jellybeans and Guy Ropes

4 thoughts on “Jellybeans and Guy Ropes, a new Generation

  1. Feeling the same, our daughter and boyfriend have taken up the camping bug. She was brought up on family holidays of frame tents then trailer tent and then went to uni and we moved up to a caravan. I picked up the camping bug from my parents and it’s a lovely feeling that another generation has carried it on.

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  2. Same great sense of humour from you two !! Enjoyed the read and followed, so I can read the next instalments. Thanks for pointing us in their direction 🙂

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