Our Caravan Store Cupboard

As the season races on and folk start to think about winding up the legs and hitching up, possibly for the first time this season, this is when people start to make lists in order to re pack their vans after their hibernation over the dark winter months. The green winter storage jackets are carefully stored away, vans are given a bit of a spruce and a polish ready for new adventures.

We use our van all year round so have a stock of what I call ‘caravan basics’ constantly in the van. I find it best to keep a supply of certain food stuffs either in the van or in a box that you can just grab for any last minute planned trips away.

Here is a list of some of the basics I keep constantly in the van.

Tea, coffee and sugar, stored in airtight plastic containers.

Carton of long life milk

Stock cubes

Oil spray

Tin of beans

Tinned or packet soup

Rice (Microwave)

Ready to cook packet noodles

Stir fry sauce sachet


Salt and pepper

Small plastic tubs of spices

Small boxes of cereals

Sachets of sauces (does anyone else collect these?)

Sealed packs of sweets to keep the kids happy whilst you set up.

A little something for you when you get there.

Once you have all these basics and possibly a few more stashed, packing the van will be a little easier. All you’ll have to do is grab any fresh ingredients out of the fridge as you get ready to head out of the door.

Other ‘must have’ items I like to keep in the van are a kitchen roll,a toilet roll and a roll of small bin bags. A supply of toiletries to tide us over grace my bathroom. I also keep a small supply of fresh towels, tea towels and a couple of items of clothes in the van for ‘just in case.’ I did once go away and I’d forgotten to pack my knickers!

Don’t forget as soon as you get back to restock your supplies cupboard and return your fresh laundry before your next trip out so that you’re ready to hit the road again.

8 thoughts on “Our Caravan Store Cupboard

  1. We used to completely empty the van of all food, but now we’ve decided some basics have to remain in the cupboards. Tea, coffee, sugar, crackers, corn thins, milk powder, and a few cans. We always have left our food wraps, and washing things there, but never basic foods. A hint with bin liners – leave a roll of them at the bottom of the bin. Whenever you take the full liner out, there’s the roll underneath.

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    1. First aid items, bin bags, tea, coffee and sugar , frylite, ketchup. Alllinen and towels bought for the van so stay with the van ( after washing)

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