Itchy Feet, a Trip to Broadway

We’ve been home for two whole weeks, it’s been a strange two weeks. Countless trips to the charity shop and what felt like ‘waiting for something.’ A feeling that I think will take longer than two weeks to shrug off. I haven’t got time to adjust to normal living, I’ve got itchy feet. Having been away since February with our job, I haven’t seen my parents since last Christmas. Countless phone calls over the season, reassuring them that we are still alive have made the miles between us slightly less. Dad’s ability to use technology means we’ve actually even ‘face timed’, which has made it easier. Time to lift those legs and hit the road.

We’ve done a whole season with very little rain, today as the wheels start rolling, it’s raining, in fact it’s chucking it down. We head north and the skies stay grey, if anything, they get a little darker. We’ve planned on breaking our journey up. First stop, the beautiful Caravan and Motorhome Club Site at Broadway. We love Broadway, the quirkiness of the goods shed which doubles up as a toilet block and home to ‘The Wanderer’, make it rather special.

Having been before we know we prefer the top tier, the site is relatively quiet, we find a pitch easily and quickly drop it on the peg, switch the heating on and head across for a cup of tea with fellow first year Wardens, Sally and Peter, who are also on site. This is where I must admit, I failed massively. I failed to get photos with the people we met at the start of this trip. Anyway, I digress, a good catch up on how our respective seasons have gone, plans made for tea out tomorrow and head back to the caravan.

Again, only a quick pit stop, shufted a few bits and pieces around, made sure the bed was ready for falling into later and we head over to Moreton-in-Marsh Caravan and Motorhome Club Site. The winter Wardens there are mainly responsible for the fact we are now Assistant Wardens . A few years ago they started to talk us into applying to join the club, they sold the job and the lifestyle and here we are. They also have Assistant Wardens working with them that we trained with, Jed and Judy, again I failed on the photo side of things. Copious cups of tea and a takeaway curry, oil the vocal chords and release the laughter.

A late night and we head back to the caravan, still in the rain. Back inside and although we still need to set up inside, the outside is done, the heating is on and the wine is chilled. Despite it almost being midnight, I start to hang clothes in the wardrobes and put things in the cupboards. I’m back in my happy place. During the night the rain continues to fall and we sleep like logs.

We awaken to the sound of rain, surprise, surprise. Having stayed before we don’t really have much desire to go and explore, we spend the day hunkered down in the warm.

A lovely evening meal with Sally and Peter at the Crown and Trumpet in the village of Broadway followed by a wander around admiring the Christmas lights and festive shop window displays.

The next day sees the arrival of Andrea and Steve, also Assistant Wardens that we trained with. A quick Prosecco and a change of t-shirt and we are again walking into Broadway, a different destination this time, The Horse and Hounds. Good food and plenty of wine see the night run away all too quickly. Once again, another late night and we fall into bed to the sound of rain drumming heavily on the roof.

Time to move sites, again it’s raining. Nothing unusual there. It’s making up for all the beautiful, dry days we had in the summer. Either that or it’s the weathers way of preparing for being in the North West. Our departure is delayed as three early arrivals, who clearly went to the same ‘botch it and bang it’ reversing school, struggle to get pitches together and then make a complete hash of pitching up, we exchange faces of despair with Andrea and Steve at the impromptu entertainment, then once again, we hit the road in the rain.

Time to head further north, Burrs Country Park, we’re on our way.

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